The Illamafia

Exclusive Black Friday Makeup 2017

2017-11-20 15:22:34By Illamasqua

Inspirational Women

Illamasqua Interviews...Courtesans

Illamasqua catch-up with the Courtesans after their Bloodstock performance on the Sophie Lancaster stage for Illamasqua's #GothUpForSophie campaign

2017-08-16 09:59:03By Nadine Bourne

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Goth Up For Sophie Lancaster

It’s our statement of intent that everyone should feel confident expressing their individuality in an open and tolerant society

2017-07-31 15:41:11By Nadine Bourne

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Empowered: This. Is. Me...Goth in the Raw

What did you think about Illamasqua’s recent Anti-Fascism pledge?

2017-03-22 12:43:59By Nadine Bourne

Inspirational Women

#IllaMustHaves: Monami Frost

At Illamasqua we see beauty in everyone and everything. We believe in celebrating individuality, diversity & self-expression.

2017-03-16 10:51:17By Nadine Bourne

Inspirational Women

Illamuse: Genesis Butler

Illamasqua's March Illamuse is Genesis Butler, a 10-year-old vegan & animal activist

2017-03-08 12:01:52By Nadine Bourne

Speak On It

Illamuse: Bashar’s Story

Bashar made his move to Germany late 2015 and had hoped this move would free him of the homophobic exploitation he experienced in Iraq

2016-12-15 09:00:57By Nadine Bourne

Inspirational Women

Speak on it: Sarah Jagger on Bullying

What would you say to people who are bullying people online?

2016-11-27 12:00:47By Nadine Bourne

Inspirational Women

Illamuse: Sophie Lancaster

A kind, caring and creative girl who was proud to be different, Sophie expressed her individuality through her sense of style, identifying as a Goth

2016-11-26 08:00:10By Nadine Bourne

Inspirational Women

Speak on it: Stina Sanders on 'Trolling'

If you have social media or have used an online forum, then there is a high probability that you have been a victim of online abuse.

2016-11-14 13:18:33By Nadine Bourne