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Whatever your desire, this Halloween we have a look that will be sure to captivate. Pablo Rodriguez, Director of Artistry at Illamasqua has created two looks on different sides of the Halloween spectrum. 

 FRIGHT or ENTICE? You decide. 

Entice with Pablo’s hand drawn seductive lace maskwith step by step instructions on how to recreate the look yourself below: 

  1. ‘Start by applying Matte Veil Primer, don’t use any Foundation or Concealer in case you make any mistakes when you are painting the mask. The mask will also create a full coverage over the face and distract from the skin.’ 
  2. ‘After applying Primer as the base, use Precision Gel Liner in shade Infinity and start by outlining the mask. Create the shape you desire. 

TOP TIP: ‘Something that will help you is to research and select a lace design you like. Print off any inspiration and try to copy the design. 

3. ‘Once you have the outline, start by doing the main shapes of the mask.  Divide the mask into segments and start filling them in. For that I used the Smudger Brush and the Liner Brush, with the Liner Brush you do everything such as the line work. Then with the Smudge Brush, because it is a lot thicker and rounded you can do parts such as petals inside the patternKeep going from the big parts to the small details until you have created the full mask. 

4. ‘To complete the base, add Foundation and Concealer where needed to cover any pimples or redness. 

5.’For the eyesapply Precision Gel Liner to the top and bottom of the eyes and S.O.P.H.I.E Colouring Eye Pencil inside the waterline. Complete the eyes with a layer of Masquara Raven and apply False Lashes in Desire. 

6. ‘For the lips, use Colouring Lip Pencil in shade Creative for the outline and then fill in with Maneater Ultramatter Lipstick. Finish with Loaded Lip Polish in Bite for a perfect glam, Halloween pout.’ 


Tag us with your Halloween looks, we would love to see them. Still need some inspiration. 


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