Illamasqua Virtual Studio

The Illamasqua Studio has gone virtual! Introducing our new virtual consultation service which allows you to learn, create and shop from the comfort of your home. Join one of our professional makeup artists for a consultation to discover Illamasqua must-haves and receive expert makeup advice. Or, if you're feeling creative, choose a hands on makeup lesson and our artist will guide you step-by-step through the creation of a full makeup look. You can find full details of the services on offer below. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Beauty Consultations

Perfect skin is the basis of all makeup, and with the right products and tools, it can exude health, wellbeing and youth. Whether you want it to be barely there or a full coverage airbrushed look, our team of professional makeup artists will be able to show you the right products you need to create the skin look you want,bespoke to your needs.​

​Topics we will cover so you get the right products and look​

  • Your skin type and how it affects your makeup; mattifying oily skin or adding hydration todry skin​
  • What finish options you have; a dewy glow, a soft satin sheen or matte and shine-free​
  • How to get the coverage you need and want, from full and flawless to next to nothing sheer, or maybe something in between​
  • Shade matching for foundation and concealer, so you get the colour you want​
  • Colour correcting pigmentation and dark circles;discover the products and shades that will work for you.​
  • Sculpting and contouring; a simplified walk through to discuss if you need this step and what your product options are.​
  • How blusher can add warmth to the skin; discover our range of formulas and finishes​

​Products covered, based on your wants and needs​

  • Primer​
  • Foundation​
  • Concealer​
  • Powder​
  • Contour​
  • Blusher and/or Bronzer​

Eyes are often the key feature to many makeup looks but canbe the area that most people struggle with.Let us take you through the key products and tools you need to help you enhance your eyes and create the makeup look you want.From an everyday eye look through to something more smokey and sultry, our Artists will advise you the products you need to compliment your makeup bag.​

Topics we will cover so you get the right products and look​

  • Discussion of the eye look you want, whether it's a natural daytime look that softly enhances your eyes or a more dramatic and high glamour look, like a smokey eye.​
  • We can also discuss and advise on more technical looks such as a sculpted cut crease​
  • The eyeliner options available to you and how they differ​
  • How to use and incorporate eyeliner into your makeup to add depth to the lashes and to reshape the eye.​
  • Maximising your lashes with mascara and falsies.​
  • Creating a long wearing, crease-proof eye look​
  • Day to night eyes​

Products covered, based on your wants and needs​

  • Liners – pencil and gel​
  • Palettes​
  • Mascara​
  • Concealer​
  • Pure Pigments​

​Feel free to share any inspiration images with our Artists if there is a a particular look you would like to achieve!​

Want to go beyond skin and eyes to discover new products in any category? Is your makeup bag full of products you never use? Or are you trying to create a look and want to understand what you need to add to your regime? ​

One of our professional makeup artists will help you explore the products you need to update your entire look. They will assess what you currently use and then give advice as to what products you are missing, how they can be incorporated into your regime and how they can be used alongside what is in your makeup bag already. This session is great to talk about a whole natural look or two areas of makeup for the face. ​

​Topics we will cover so you get the right products and look​

This session is great to go through two areas of makeup or a complete natural look. ​

  • Whether it's face, eyes, brows, lips or something more specific like contour, highlight or a smokey eye. ​
  • You can show us your regular products and tools, so we can help you find the products you are missing ​
  • Make sure you have your makeup bag to hand for this service.​

Feel free to share any inspiration images with our Artists if there is a particular look you would like to achieve! ​

With makeup artisty at the heart of Illamasqua our products are designed with the professional makeup artist in mind. Whether you are starting out as a makeup artist or an experienced pro, this consultation will help you find out more about our products tailored to the needs of professional artists. This service is great for experienced pros who want to discover Illamasqua, or for the new starter who is building their kit for the first time. We can show you the products you need to have to maximise your creativity and artistry. We can also showcase the multitude of ways some of our products can be used to save both space and time. ​

Topics we will cover step by step​

  • Our best-selling, makeup kit must haves​
  • Multi-use products for mixing and creating looks on face and body​
  • Which are the best shades to have to ensure your kit covers every type of client​
  • For new makeup artists, what are the must have products you need in your kit.​
  • How to use our products, key ingredients and benefits.​

​Products covered depending on your needs​

  • Primer, foundation, concealer, & powder​
  • Eye liners, eyeshadows & mascara​
  • Contour, highlighter & blusher​
  • Lipstick, lip liner and gloss​