Why you need hydra veil in your make up regime

2018-01-11 15:00:37By Govinder Rayt

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Beyond The Stereotype

As a brand that promotes the right to experiment and self-express, Illamasqua is proud to support and encourage changing attitudes towards gender barriers within beauty. We encourage our customers & fan base (the Illamafia) to celebrate individuality and go #BeyondTheStereotype.

2017-12-04 16:52:09By Katie Richardson

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Illamasqua interviews... Sangeeta Dosanjh

Illamasqua is the Beauty Sponsor of National Asian Wedding show and the Official Sponsor of India Fashion Week. Sangeeta Dosanjh is the head of make-up artistry for the event happening at Olympia London 11th & 12th November 2017.

2017-10-25 12:30:38By Katie Richardson

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Illamasqua interviews... Nina Vee

To celebrate the launch we collaborated with our skinspiration Nina Vee to show you all how to achieve skin that is 'beyond' and here on the Illamasqua blog, she tells us her ultimate skin tips and what she is currently up to.

2017-10-20 09:40:29By Katie Richardson

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Illamasqua Interviews... LemonadeJar

To celebrate the return of Deity we partnered with the lovely Jojo Pearson, a.k.a LemonadeJar, and here the Fashion and Beauty Bloggers talks to the Illamafia about beauty advice and must-have products.

2017-10-16 17:10:28By Katie Richardson

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Hammer House of Horror presents "The Soulless Ones"

We've partnered with legends of old-school horror films, Hammer House of Horror for the ultimate gothic horror experience this Halloween

2017-10-03 10:13:51By Katie Richardson

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Illamasqua Interviews... ArtBeauty Chaos

Illamasqua catch up with Express Yourself Student competition winner Keziah Saunders

2017-09-15 07:00:33By Katie Richardson

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Aftermath Collection: Behind the Scenes

Embrace the change in season and be the light that shines in a time of darkness as Illamasqua launch their new Aftermath collection

2017-09-01 09:00:39By Nadine Bourne

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Goth in the Raw: Nebulus Tart Recipe

Exclusively for Illamasqua, Goth in the Raw has created a vegan recipe inspired by our Lip Lure in Nebulus for World Goth Day

2017-05-22 14:11:05By Nadine Bourne

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Let's talk about Mental Health...

In a world with increased social media usage and a life often spent behind a screen, it’s easy to publish a life with no flaws or hiccups

2017-05-08 11:17:33By Nadine Bourne