‘Tis the season | Stocking Filler Guide

There are two types of people at Christmas; The organised and the not so organised. Do you still have a few bits to get? Enjoy your stress-free gifting with this round up of stocking fillers that they will love. You can thank us later!

Makeup makes one of the best Christmas stocking gifts, everyone loves a bit of glam and it is also the perfect size to make sure everything fits in. It is also a fun gift to give as you can make gifts more personal, link it back to a favourite memory or even add a joke gift in.

First up… Lipsticks! No matter your loves one’s makeup style there is a lipstick for everyone. Choose from Matte, Satin or our famous Antimatter Lipstick in a range of colours from bold brights to neutral nudes. They may not be the biggest gift but it is one that will everyone will open in awe. Dare them to a new shade, restock their favourite or just add to their expanding collection.

We also have our Loaded Lip Polish’s for a glossy Christmas pout. Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil as well as Vitamin E to nourish, perfect for the Winter months. The luxurious high-shine polish makes the perfect gift, including those who don’t really wear makeup as we have our clear Glazed gloss.

Need something a little bigger? We have our new Electro Tartan Lip Duo’s that any lipstick lover will love. Featuring one full-sized Antimatter Lipstick paired with one miniature Colouring Lip Pencil, in our five new shades. The ideal gift that already comes housed in a limited-edition box, to create the perfect pout.

Gift your loved one to the gift of a stand out glow. This little box features a compact of Beyond Powder and a mirror meaning it can go anywhere with you and is a gift that will have anyone obsessed. Choose between our golden OMG to our newly added OMG Burst, creating a pink shimmering party glow. All perfect shades you see around the festive period.

Still running out of ideas? Top up their makeup bag with every day essentials and when they are running low or run out unexpectantly then you are their hero. As being caught short of makeup at the drop of a hat is the worse. Know their Skin Base shade? Life saver! Or treat them to Raven Masquara, Precision Brow Gel or Colour Veil as backups for that unlucky day.

Don’t forget we have many gift sets or bundles made up for over at or create your own personalised bundle of fun.


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