While you likely now know how to pick the perfect red shade for your lips (and if not, we have a post all about this), festive red lipstick is a look exclusive to the Christmas season. 

Whether you prefer an ultra-defined pout, a bit of shimmer, or gloss to the max, the below tips will help you create a red lipstick look that will make even Santa blush. Whether you’re a matte red lipstick queen, love a dark red lip in oxblood or rock a soft red sheen most days, the Christmas season calls for red lipstick no matter your festive plans.  

A trend loved by many, the classic red lip can be attributed to Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth I and Elizabeth Taylor, but there’s something about the Christmas season that sees red lips aplenty.  

Red lipstick

Want to take your festive red lipstick look to the next level? The below tips will create a lip look to match even the most festive of celebrations. 

1. Stand out from the crowd with a glass-like glossy lip

If you’re an avid red lip wearer, then you’ll likely want to change up your look to celebrate the festive season. The best way to do this? A pop of gloss. Once you’ve finished lining and layering your lips with your red lipstick of choice, use our Loaded Lip Polish in Glaze for a high-gloss finish. This Loaded Lip Polish is a makeup kit essential for Head of Training Melanie Barrese.  

I love to add Glaze to the centre of any lipstick and liner combination, turning any lip formula instantly into a gloss without losing your desired colour. 

2. Linedefine and fill for a perfected pout  

If you’re looking for a red lipstick look that will outlast the festive celebrations down to the last toast of the evening, our Colouring Lip Pencil in Spell and Feisty will become your festive must-haves. Whether you prefer an orange red or blue red is up to you, but these lip liners will help you line, define and improve the longevity of your lip look according to Mel. Layer your red lipstick of choice on top and tidy-up the edges with a cotton bud and concealer. 

For a long-lasting lip look, use a sharpened Colouring Lip Pencil to, not only line the lips, but also to fill in the entire lip area before applying lipstick. To fix any lip liner mistakes, simply roll a cotton bud inward toward the lip then reapply the colour, finishing off by using concealer around the edge of the lip to ensure a sharp, crisp look.” 

3. Make lips appear fuller with highlighter 

Optical (lip) illusions are welcome here! This Christmas, give your lips a fuller appearance with one simple pro tip: Beyond Powder and Loaded Lip Polish. When highlighting the high points of your face, pop a bit of the product on to your cupid’s bow to make your red lip pop and enhance your pout. Another pro tip from Mel? Loaded Lip Polish can also make lips appear larger. 

For fuller-looking lips, concentrate the lip gloss in the centre of the lips. I also like to apply slightly over the cupid’s bow to give the illusion of a fuller pout.” 

Krista Thurrott

Krista Thurrott

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When I’m not writing or perusing the beauty section, I'm usually applying skincare or trying a new eyeliner. Most confident in minimal makeup with a bold lip, I invite you to join me on my journey to find the perfect mascara and red lipstick!