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#READMYLIPS: Introducing Sheer Veil and Ultramatter Lipsticks

The Illamasqua lip legacy lives on with two new divine finishes… 

With 10 ultra-matte colours and 12 oil-infused sheer shades, the new Ultramatter and Sheer Veil Lipstick ranges join forces with best-selling semi-matte Antimatter Lipstick and coveted high-gloss Loaded Lip Polish to form an all-encompassing Illamasqua lip collection.   

Recognising the transformational quality of lipstick and its undeniable uplifting power, the two latest additions to the Illamasqua lip collection aim to inspire people to harness their inner-confidence, celebrate their individuality and find their own voice. 


Ultramatter creates an intense and bold lip look, with its high pigmentation and flawless no-shine finish. Featuring 10 powerful shades with incredible colour payoff, the new ultra-matte finish makes a statement all day long.  Offering a wide variety of natural tones to bold hues, Ultramatter includes dusty pinks, warm flushes of orange, hot magenta and an intense violet hue. Each has been carefully selected to ensure that there’s an attention-grabbing shade to suit everyone. 

Make a long-lasting, bold statement with a matte pout. 

First, apply a lip-balm and blot off gently with a tissue to ensure lips are left moisturised and prepared for lipstick application. Using a small amount of Skin Base Concealer or Skin Base Foundation, buff over the lip line to slightly erase your natural colour, before applying Lip Pencil.  The Ultramatter lipstick harnesses a full colour pay off, but lining lips first will ensure that you have a defined, sharp lip shape, and will prevent any bleeding throughout the day.  Match your Lip Pencil colour to your chosen Ultramatter shade and, using a lip brush for precision or straight from the bullet, apply Ultramatter to create the ultimate matte finish. 

Mel Barrese, Head of Training and Education


The balmy, oil-infused texture drenches the lip with a sheer coat of bright colour that blends seamlessly with the natural colour of your lips. Containing Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E, Sheer Veil ensures that lips are conditioned, nourished and protected.  Available in 12 mouth-watering colour tints. The super-wearable shades are offered in an array of cream peaches, pale terracotta’s and ripe mahoganies. The perfect au-naturel lip option for all gloss lovers who want an extra hint of lip colour without a sticky finish. 

Evoke inner-confidence and show your power with a subtle, sheer shade with our Pro how to tip.   

Apply straight from the bullet for an easy and effortless on the go application.  For a longer wearing, more colour dense application, first apply a Lip Pencil to the entire lip area and then gently apply Sheer Veil over the top – the pencil will add more colour intensity and will keep the colour sheer and glossy throughout the day. 

Mel Barrese, Head of Training and Education 

Mix, match and blend shades from the new Ultramatter and new Sheer Veil to existing Antimatter or Loaded Lip Polish for a unique pout that’s true to you.  





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