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Our Movement Artistry Palette is made up of 12 vibrant matte and shimmer finishes, engineered by our Director of Artistry, Pablo Rodriguez. They are a mix of tones perfect for unleashing your creativity and expressing your individuality.  

Use in doubles, quads or freely mix between the shades to create a loousing our brand pillars as inspiration. Pablo has created face charts based on some of our brand commandments to give you some inspiration on how you could use the colours together.  

Colour Pillar  

Known for highly pigmented products, prepare for an intensity that’s not just colour-true but extremely long-lasting. We encourage all to be bold with colour. 

How To: 

  1. Using a fluffy blending eye shadow brush apply shades Truth and Inclusivity to the entire lid, blending above the crease towards the brow bone.  
  2. With a smaller eye shadow brush apply the soft lilac shade Compassion to the eyelid, close to the lashes.  
  3. With the same brush apply Non-Conformist eyeshadow underneath the lower lashes, blending for a seamless finish.  
  4. Curl lashes and then apply Masquara Raven to top and bottom lashes.  
  5. Brush brows before applying Precision Brow Gel to create a defined look. 
  6. Finish with Brow and Lash Gel to hold hairs in place. 

Artistry Pillar  

We encourage all to unleash their inner artist and experiment with makeup and give them the tools they need to keep creating.  

How To: 

  1. Apply Compassion  eyeshadow to the entire lid, blending up past the crease, as well as taking underneath to the lower lash line.  
  2. With a smaller eyeshadow brush, apply Non-Conformist eyeshadow to the crease blending out for a seamless application. 
  3. With a small pencil brush apply Non-Conformist eyeshadow to the lower lash liner, taking the colour a millimeter lower than the lash line, to create a wide-eyed look. 
  4. Using a small brush apply shade Equality to the brow bone.  
  5. Use Precision Gel Liner in Infinity to line the top lash line from the inner corner stopping precisely at the outer edge of your eye, and then repeat underneath the lower lashes, over the Non-Conformist shade. 
  6. Curl lashes and apply Masquara Raven, before applying false lashes to the top lash line. For bottom lashes, place false lashes to the gel liner underneath the lash line.  
  7. Finish with Vow Eyeliner Pencil to the waterline for extra definition. 

If you need more inspiration head over to our social channels for amazing makeup, professional tips and tutorials. 

Unleash your inner artist and recreate the looks.


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