How to Keep Makeup Fresh: Summer Makeup Tips

The summer-time can be a blessing and a curse for our complexions. On the one hand, we have sun-kissed radiance, dewy skin, and scatters of freckles. On the other, we have the troublesome duo that is, makeup and the sun. We may be familiar with the fact that at times, make-up tends to modify itself throughout the day. This is why we touch-up lip-liner after eating or dust some powder over our t-zone. But how do you keep makeup fresh during the summer when it simply won’t stay put? Combined with harsh natural daylight that shows no mercy, there are some summer makeup tips that everyone should know for these warmer months.

Fight the heavy heat, dodge the oily t-zones and stay looking fresh as a daisy with these summer makeup tips.

Use a makeup setting spray

You may want to switch around your makeup bag coming into the warmer months. Put the festive red lipsticks to one side and make way for the summer makeup products. For example, don’t overlook what a setting spray does for the skin when the sun is beaming down.

What does setting spray do?

A setting spray is a light-weight, oil controlling mist that locks in makeup for a flawless skin finish. Illamasqua’s Hydra Setting Spray in Matte is a non-sticky formula which dries fast to give your makeup serious staying power. With wild water mint extract, what this setting spray will do is leave the skin feeling balanced without looking dry. It’s the secret to keeping your makeup looking fresh during the summer, even during the most intense of sun.

How to use setting spray

Illamasqua’s Hydra Setting Spray in Matte can be used in three ways: pre-makeup, directly post-makeup, and at any time to refresh. For an easy application before foundation, simply spritz the spray around the face. Alternatively, you can spray a fluffy makeup brush with the setting spray and then lightly buff onto the T-Zone or areas where there is an excess of oil. Once it has all dried in, continue on with the rest of your makeup application. This double layered application will help give an extra dose of oil control for a long-wear, shine-free look.

To use the setting spray after the makeup has been applied, close the eyes and spray in an X- and T-Formation, holding the bottle around six inches from your face.

Use a waterproof mascara

The second essential for your summer makeup bag is a waterproof mascara.

This Waterproof Raven Masquara gives you volume and curl, plus ultimate staying power for long summer days. The thick fluffy brush creates magnified and multiplied lashes with full-feathered volume and curl. The end result is an extra-black, lengthy finish for up to 12 hours.

Is waterproof mascara better than regular mascara in the summer?

Realistically we want mascara that doesn’t budge all year round, but waterproof mascara is better in the summer for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, we can find ourselves in water-based scenarios more frequently, whether that be a spontaneous beach day or trip to a swimming pool.

Secondly, a waterproof formula is one of our top summer makeup tips due to it being able to withstand moisture, sweat, and humidity. That means that this type of mascara can resist smudging from heat far better from regular formulas.

Try a makeup primer

Lastly, the ultimate way how to keep the makeup fresh during summer is by knowing how to use a makeup primer. We may be aware that primers set a perfect base for makeup application and smooth away unwanted texture. However, the right primer will also give your makeup increased long wear and help control any oiliness that can occur throughout those long warm days.

Different primers work best depending on your skin type. For example, if you want to prioritise oil-control to keep the makeup fresh during the summer, then a mattifying formula may work best for you. If your concern is the sun drying out your skin, try one with hydrating ingredients. If you have a combination of oily and matte concerns, try a primer that works in both ways- to add that shine-free finish without compromising the lit-from-within glow.

How to use a makeup primer

To use a makeup primer, simply apply a small amount using the fingers on top of cleansed, moisturised skin. Make sure the most amount of product is around the T-Zone and then blend out. After a few seconds, your freshly primed skin will be ready for your foundation application. Take a look at our guide to learn more tips about how to use a makeup primer and find which makeup primer is for you.

What are the best summer makeup products?

In order to maintain a fresh face of makeup this summer, you must have the correct summer makeup products. Make golden hour last all day with the addition of a strong setting spray, a moisture-proof mascara, and a silky smooth primer.

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