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Forget Blue Monday, turn it into Bright Monday

The Christmas joy has gone, the New Year is here. January is a long month and many of us feel the Blue Monday dread. The third Monday of the year, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. However, we don’t believe it has to be like this. Let’s turn Blue Monday into bright Monday. If you are feeling a little blue why do you not try some of these little tips below.

Spend time with your best friends.

Those are the ones who will make you smile and laugh louder without any judgement. It’s important to break out and not lock yourself away. Feel as if you don’t have anyone to spend time with or feel a burden? Your loved ones will have your back and want to spend time with you.

Love your skin

December is harsh on our skin, with the weather and unhealthy eating habits. This can make our skin feel unloved, one easy trick to make you feel better and your skin glow is to drink more water. Hydration can be key to how your body feels including your mind. Feeling good in your skin can make the world of difference. If you need more hydration for your skin why not try our Hydra Veil. Part primer, part hydrator – this can be worn on it’s own or with your Foundation for a flawless base.


For centuries Yoga has been used to focus the mind, relieve stress and help us feel relaxed. If Yoga isn’t for you, going to the gym may be more your choice or a run through the park. Staying active is important to give your mind a clear out. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These then trigger a positive feeling in your body naturally picking your mood up.

If exercise isn’t in your day to day activities now then why not try something new.  This nicely leads on to my next point.

Enjoy ‘you’ time

No matter how long for, a full day or an hour once a week. Fit ‘you’ time in to your schedule as at the end of the day you are important so do something for you. This could be something you love like a hobby or a pamper night in. Maybe grab your favourite chocolate and film and invite your best friend around.  Allowing this time off for yourself, will help you relieve the stress and not forgetting chocolate will delight your taste buds.

Maybe it’s not you, it’s work…

Reclaim your lunch break

Having a break in the day is important for your mental wellbeing. Make sure you are moving away from your work station or joining friends at dinner. This could be the time you decide to go for a walk to clear your mind and get your activity up.

Clear the clutter

A cluttered environment may be hard to focus so make sure you are happy with in your work space. Think of the time you are spending in that one spot throughout your life. Make sure you are as comfortable as you can be. Juggling a lot of tasks? This applies to your mind too, clear your head and start a to do list. This way nothing will be forgotten and you can enjoy your down time without the feeling that you have forgotten something.

Use your commute to wind down

Take something to read or maybe speak to that colleague you always see and get to know them. Don’t keep on working, this is your time now you have left work. Look around you and soak up the environment you are travelling in. You may not feel like it, but you are doing well to be travelling to and from work.

Communicate face to face

Emails are great around the office space but it is important to have social interactions. Speak to the people you work with and create relationships. Be as active as possible and call a friend for a catch up even if it is just once a week. Share your stories and listen to others as you never know you may be helping them by just listening and being there.

Makeup makes us happy

We are all here because we love makeup, lets face it! Treat yourself to a new Lipstick, spend longer doing your makeup or learn a new technique. Makeup makes us happy and these little tips will too. Release your inner artistry and express yourself through art.

Hopefully these little pointers will help you relieve some of your Blue Monday blues; Turn your Monday into a bright Monday.


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