The evolution of the brow

We look into the history of the eyebrow, how our ancestors decorated their brows and how we celebrate the brow now.
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Let’s stretch back to the pioneers of make-up, the Ancient Egyptians. These beauty addicts adopted a heavily made up eye look which included a fierce brow. Unfortunately, many of them used excessive amounts of lead to create this look which proved lethal. They recognised that brows adapted the face and did not overlook any feature of the face.

Brows were not always given full attention however and have often been muted through history, the Middle Ages saw thin or natural brows in fashion. Although they were not dismissed altogether, many would take dye to their hair. Particularly to mimic the fiery red hair of Queen Elizabeth I when she ruled.

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Coming forward into more recent years, we have seen a Brow-volution. From the skinny brows of the early 20th Century to the natural, born free brows of the 1970’s and back around again. We are truly within a time where brows are celebrated and we see both feral natural brows alongside carefully sculpted and shaped brows.

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“I do not tweeze my eyebrows. I’ve been letting them grow out for years. I try to fill them in wherever nature has abandoned me. ” – Olivia Wilde

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History of eyebrows

History of eyebrows
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Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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