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Create the ultimate rosy glow with Colour Veil. Hydrating and easy to apply, the cheek colour lays down buildable pigment and has a soft, jelly texture that feels comfortable and refreshing on application. With hidden skin properties it will hydrate your skin along with your flawless base. 

 We asked our Illamasqua Pro’s Pablo, Mel and Frankie for a top tip on how they use Colour Veil within their routine or on a client.  

          ‘I love to bounce this product into the skin using your fingers or a round buffing brush. Apply direct to eyelids for a pop of subtle colour to pull your look together’

 – Frankie McKernon, Head of Professional Development. 

Apply Colour Veil on the apples of the cheeks before you apply your Foundation, this way it will look like the warmth is coming from within your skin 

– Pablo Rodriguez, Head of Artistry 

As well as applying Colour Veil onto the apples of cheeks, I love to use whatever is left on my brush or fingers and apply it to my eyes, bridge of nose and forehead – it ties the makeup look together and gives added warmth to my look. 

– Mel Barrese, Head of Education. 

Thanks to our professionals for the simple tips on how to use Colour Veil the perfect blushed look. Be sure to tag us in any of your looks as we would love to see how you use Colour Veil. Let your inner artist out and #Illamafia or tag @illamasqua in your image.  


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