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With Black Friday just around the corner, we’re already adding our must-have makeup products to our wishlist (find out how to make your wishlist here). If you’re feeling overwhelmed with options this Black FridayIllamasqua Director of Artistry Pablo Rodriguez is sharing his top five products to shop. 

Whether you’re looking to glow, perfect your pout or create an unforgettable festive look, these five favourites will become makeup kit essentials. Mixing Illamasqua cult favourites with our classic icons and new releases, Pablo’s picks are a great place to start your Black Friday shopping. 

Makeup artist applies makeup to model


Our newest addition to the foundation family, this ultra-lightweight formula leaves your skin looking better than ever with a dewy glow but that’s not the only reason Pablo keeps it in his kit. 

Beyond Foundation makes it look like you have amazing skin… not amazing foundation. It has subtle dewy finish, so this light-reflecting formula makes the skin look super hydrated as if you’ve just put moisturiser on.” 


Every makeup pro’s greatest secret, our Gleam Highlighter is different than most popular highlighters due to its natural iridescence – and that’s just one reason why Pablo loves it.  

“What I really love about our Gleam Highlighter is that it’s not as metallic looking as other highlighters. If you like a more natural look, this highlighter is a lot more subtle. Mixing it with any foundation, adds a beautiful radiance that is not glittery.”


Basic doesn’t always mean bad. The pigment pay-off of our Precision Gel Liner is a must-have for your makeup kit whether you’re a makeup pro – or just a pro at winged liner. 

“It may seem basic to be included in my favourites because it’s just a black eyeliner, but it’s so good. I love it because it’s super black. It’s perfect for a classic 1950’s style liner, like Marilyn Monroe, but I also love to use it as a base or as a mix with other colours.” 


Antimatter’s super-matte sister, our Ultramatter Lipstick is just that: matte. Pablo promises this lipstick is different than most due to its absolutely no-shine guarantee.  

“I promise you, these Ultramatter Lipsticks are really matte, zero shine and they don’t feel dry on the lips. They come in great colours.” 


Part of our Christmas collection, some may say this is the palette that set the toneWith 12 vegan powder eyeshadows to usetwo-tone metallics and warm Autumnal hues reign in this palette with the shades taking inspiration from two-tone gemstones.  

“The eyeshadow palette kind of defines what the entire Christmas collection is about. The Beyond Artistry Palette has a bit of everything, with neutral shades and some 80s inspired, brighter colours. The best part is that all the shades are two-toned so you get different colours depending on how they catch the light.” 

Seeking a look that will stun this season? After you’ve finished adding Pablo’s top picks to your wishlist for Black Friday, check out his bonus tip for using Precision Gel Liner and the Beyond Artistry Palette in an unexpected way.  

BONUS TIP: “If you’re using Precision Gel Liner as a base, apply your powder eyeshadow just before it’s dry – when it’s still a bit tacky – and it will grab the pigment, add a 3D dimension and make it extralong wearing. The Beyond Artistry Palette is perfect for this. With the Precision Gel Liner as a base, the pastel shades are next level, making them more metallic.” 

Don’t forget to create your wishlist ahead of the cyber celebration to keep an eye on Black Friday offers and flash sales.  

Krista Thurrott

Krista Thurrott

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