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HOW TO: Create a glossy smokey eye with Beyond Liquid 

Beyond Liquid Highlighters are perfect for defining and complimenting skin tones and adding a little bit of sparkle to your look. Go from subtle to strobe or unleash your artistry and explore the possibilities. Recreate our Director of Artistry, Pablo Rodriguez’s stand out eye look or mix it into your pout for a shimmering lip gloss 

Having versatile products in your makeup bag brings endless opportunities, especially for artists on shootsOur Epic Beyond Liquid Highlighters are perfect for creating a deep bronzed glow to medium and dark complexions. Buffing up cheeks to add warmth as a bronzer or mixing into lighter Foundations to darken them and add an illuminating glow. 

Add a warm shine to your smokey eye by following our step by step how to below.    

  1.  Prep around your eye, apply our Skin Base Concealer Pen below your eye and blend with a small Blending Brush. Using the excess product left over on the brushgently wash over the eye lid to create a base and remove any redness. Skin Base Concealer Pen is self-setting, moisturising and sets matte creating an even base for your Eye Shadows. 
  2. With our Unveiled Artistry Palette apply a wash of the warm terracotta shades into the crease to start to build a smokey eye. Blend it out to the shape you desire, then take a darker hue to build a halo and depth tthe look 
  3. Take a Flat Concealer Brush and pat Epic Beyond Liquid on to the upper eyelid to add shimmer and blend it into your base.
  4. Take Fidelity Colouring Eye Pencil and trace alongside your eye shape, close to the lash line using small strokes and then blend it out with a Blending Brush.  
  5. Clean up your smokey eye with Concealer on the under eyes and apply a dash of Masquara Raven to finish off your warm shimmery, smokey eye.  

Head over to our Instagram for more Beyond Liquid how to’s and tutorials from our Illamafia and very own Professional Mel Barrese. Remember to tag us in your looks we would love to see how you’re using our Beyond Liquid Highlighters in your looks. 



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