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London Fashion Week | What is in Pablo’s makeup bag?

London Fashion week is nearly upon us, we have confirmed our shows and our make up bags are packed and ready to go.

 Pablo Rodriguez, our Director of Artistry and his selected team are no stranger to Fashion Weeks and this season will be no different with Pablo creating Illamasqua looks backstage.

Things backstage are always a little crazy so the more prepared you are the better! To start with Pablo will run the team through a pre-planned look that he has worked on with the designer before the day of the catwalk. However sometimes on the day things have been known to change or the line-up differ. More often or not you will have models being dressed as makeup are applying final touches. So you really must have your makeup mode head on to avoid any mishaps.

We have asked Pablo to show us what’s in his makeup bag when heading to a test with a designer to finalise the makeup. Before the meet up Pablo will sometimes receive a mood board, so he can get a feel for the collection and bring the right tools with him. If he doesn’t here are his go to products he would make sure he has…

 Artistry Palette

One of each Artistry Palette, the colour variation that you have when you bring all the palettes together can create any look possible. From a bold neon eye like last season to a smokey nude eye for the evening dresses strutting down the catwalk. The possibilities are endless with the range of shades, with each Palette having 12 different tones. You can also use the Powder Eye Shadows on other parts of the face so this is a key item to carry along.


A mix of different ones. Lashes can change a look and bring everything together. On the catwalk you need definition with all the harsh lighting and cameras flashing. Lashes can sometimes be a part of the look that the designer wants to go for like Fyodor Golan last season with the monochrome textured eye. If you have a variety of lashes you can mix it up depending on the models features.

Hydra veil

Sometimes models are doing back to back shows and skin care is important. Our Hydra Veil is a must when going back stage to give the models skin some hydration and it also primes the skin ready for the base. The plant extracts also provide a calming and refreshing feeling leaving skin feeling fully prepped and ready for the next look.


A range of Lipsticks are important for tests as this is where colour can be picked out of a designer’s collection and pulled through to the makeup. You can even get artistic and use the Lipsticks to create colour on the body or face. You cant go wrong with the brights, dark plum shaded and also a classic nude when going to a test. You also can easily mix the shades to create a bespoke shades depending on skin tones or requirements.

Of course, our makeup bags have a lot more in them than that – after all we are Illamasqua but those are the key go to products.

Remember when you spotted the Electrify Palette at London Fashion Week last season well keep your eyes peeled to see if you can spot anything new that we may sneak into our bags. You can come with us as we will be taking you backstage via our social channels – so make sure you are following us, for a potential exclusive sneak peak.



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