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Define, blend and create with our NEW shades of coloured eyeliner. Don’t be afraid to colour outside of the lines as we introduce an expansion of six NEW highly pigmented shades to our Colouring Eye Pencils collection, taking coloured eyeliner to the next level.  

Each cream eyeliner pencil is highly pigmented and enriched with skin-conditioning vitamin E for a soft, non-drying formula to effortlessly glide over skin. These new additions of striking eye pencils extend our Colouring Eye Pencil collection to a total of 12 shades ranging from neutral, bright, dark and metallic hues. What’s even better, these coloured eyeliner pencils are easy to blend into a bright smokey eye or to deliver pencil-point definition. 

This non-drying, cream eyeliner formula can deliver both clean lines or a smudged eyeshadow effect, blending across your eyelid and the lash line to create a more lived-in look. One thing is guaranteed: this is your new best eyeliner pencil. 


  • Constellation – a deep gunmetal grey
  • Nomad – a fresh sky blue
  • Debonair – an empowering emerald green
  • Velvet – a deep aubergine purple
  • Foil – a striking metallic silver
  • Aura – a treasure-like metallic gold

Colouring Eye Pencils new shades

Feeling inspired but not sure how to incorporate coloured eyeliner into your look? Mel Barrese, head makeup artist, is a big fan of the new shades no matter how you choose to use them.  

“The colour-intense Colouring Eye Pencils is perfect for creating long-lasting definition. The soft, creamy texture glides over the skin and blends effortlessly.”

Our Colouring Eye Pencils can be used for a variety of different looks. From eyeliner to eyeshadow. Experimental to the everyday. If you’re looking for an easy, trend-led, colour-blocked eyeshadow look, simply sweep one solid colour across the entire eyelid and blend with our Small Blender Brush to create a one-colour look. Or, try mixing two contrasting Colouring Eye Pencils with sharp geometric edges. If you’re looking for something more traditional, layer coloured eyeliner with our Movement Artistry Palette to create a confident, modern look.  

coloured eyeliner model

Pablo Rodriquez, Illamasqua director of artistry, encourages you to play with the new shades, getting as experimental with coloured eyeliner as you like. 

“The name suggests you can be as creative and experimental as you like with these products…you can create a graphic liner or blend around the eyes you can never blend cream eyeshadows all over the eyelids. You can transform an entire makeup look with this pop of colour. The sky is the limit with these new shades.”  

For the ultimate colour-creative eye look pair Colouring Eye Pencils with:


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