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Halloween Tutorial

Love bites this Halloween with Illamasqua's Express Yourself makeover, Mina - The Bitten. On the cusp of immortal life & death, our vampire victim is drained of blood, transitioning into death itself.Β 

Read on to re-create the look...

1. Apply Matte Veil with Face Brush
2. Buff Skin Base 02 on to skin with a Buffing Brush
3. Set with Loose Powder 010

4. Follow eye socket with Heroine Eyeshadow
5. Deepen with Forgiveness Eyeshadow
6. Highlight eyelid and brow bone with Sex
7. Curl Lashes, grip and squeeze gently

8. Fill brow in a round shape with Eyebrow Cake in Gaze
9. Use Nypmh Blusher from the bottom of the eye and pull onto the top of the cheek

10. Fill lip in with Posture Matte Lipstick
11. Deepen centre of the lip with Rockabilly lipstick

12. Lightly trace natural veins with Colouring Pencil in Elate
13. Deepen parts of the line with Colouring Pencil in Navy
14. Follow through the lines with Illamasqua Lip Brush and push back into the skin with fingers to soften

15. Apply two spots of lash glue to the neck area
16. Drench a small amount of cotton wool in Lash Glue and shape into a small ring
17. Apply the cotton wool around the lash glue spots on the neck
18. Blend the edges back into the skin with the back of a spooly and leave to dry
19. Paint the edges of the wound with Cream Blusher in Zygomatic to create soreness
20. Highlight with Skin Base 02
21. Fill the inside of the wound with Lipstick in Vampette
22. Apply fake blood to the bite wounds and allow to drip

Base, Eyes, Brows

Lips, Veins, Wound

Express Yourself

Famed for our bold and distinctive on-counter make-overs, Illamaarticular area of the face to provide esqua now introduce β€˜Express Yourself’, a fast and innovative service that skilfully transforms your look in minutes. For those wanting to try something a little bolder, brighter or even just master the basics, Express Yourself focuses on a pxpert advice and application.

The Express Yourself menu offers an ever evolving range of looks from everyday essentials to the more creative and show stopping. Tonee Roberio from the Illamasqua Art Team has designed four key looks to launch the new service which focus on the skin, eyes, lips and brows.