On 11th August 2007, 20 year-old Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend Robert Maltby were kicked, stamped on and left unconscious – for nothing more than looking different. Sophie later died from her injuries.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was set up by Sylvia Lancaster, a youth worker and Sophie's mother, in her memory, and works to stamp out intolerance and discrimination in society. As a brand that promotes the right to experiment and self-express, Illamasqua is proud to support The Sophie Lancaster Foundation in its commitment to changing attitudes towards subcultures.

The Foundation's key aim is to change a mindset in society by working with young people in schools to create understanding and awareness of subcultures. Through the development of its eye-catching educational S.O.P.H.I.E. game and training with Sylvia Lancaster, Sophie's mum, the Foundation is now helping teachers across the UK to educate a more tolerant and broad-minded generation of young people.

In tribute to Sophie, Illamasqua commissioned ‘Dark Angel’ in 2009 – a short film by award-winning French director, Fursy Teyssier, that’s a haunting rendition of Sophie’s story, featuring the music of iconic British band, Portishead. Please show your support and watch the film below:

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Stand up for Sophie – act now and buy an Illamasqua Sophie Pencil, wristband or make a donation. £3 from the Sophie Pencil purchased and all proceeds from the wristband sales go directly to the Foundation. Help them spread their message of tolernace and acceptance throughout our society.

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To find out more, please visit Follow The Sophie Lancaster Foundation on Twitter for daily updates on the charity's work at

S.O.P.H.I.E.    Stamp. Out. Prejudice. Hatred and Intolerance. Everywhere.