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Hot Mess

We’ve created a collection of the most seductive pouts that will undeniably lead to smudged lipstick by the end of the night.

Illamasqua brings the pleasure with a lip service so attractive it will keep your most-desired on the edge of their seat.

Double Trouble

To add a playful twist to your lips, take Lipstick in Soaked
(Bright Coral) and paint onto the top lip, then take Lipstick in Eurydice (Hot Pink)
and paint on the bottom lip. The duo effect adds depth and creates intrigue for your admirer.

Golden Kisses

Choose a deep, solid base colour like Lipstick in Vampette and
fill the whole of the lips. Taking a lip brush, gently pat Pure Pigment in Ore
down the centre of the lips, following the line of your cupid's bow.

The Femme Fatale

The classic cherry red, this suggestive look will forever stand the test of time.
Before applying any lipstick, prep the outer edges of the lips with concealer to create a smooth complexion.
Take Lip Colouring Pencil in Feisty to trace the lips, for the cupids bow, draw two diagonal lines
going inwards from each point to ensure a sharp shape.
Fill the lips with Lipstick in Maneater and blot to finish.