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Beginner Courses

For all lovers of self-expression looking to take their personal make-up artistry to the next level.
  1. New Red Carpet Beauty Course

    Red Carpet Beauty Course

    Learn how to channel the timeless glamour of red carpet beauty in this 2-hour workshop. Proms, black tie events, work parties - whatever the occasion, let us show you the professional backstage make-up techniques to ensure you are dressed to impress at your very own red carpet moment.

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  2. Smoky Eye Make-Up Course

    Smoky Eye Make-Up Course

    Smoulder, seduce and captivate - this two hour course will help you master the art of blending and creating the perfect smoky eye. Learn this iconic eye make-up design with help from the professionals and experiment with different tools, products and styles to discover the secret to unlocking the windows of your soul!

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  3. Drag Make-up Course

    Drag Make-up Course

    Set your glamour factor to maximum and prepare to stun, with extreme drag make-up. This intensive 3-hour course lets your creativity explode and shows you how to create the basic drag make-up look. Inspired by everything from the London club scene, to catwalk couture, you’ll experiment with dramatic colour and texture.

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  4. Cut Crease Eye Make-up Design Course

    Cut Crease Eye Make-up Design Course

    Especially designed to help you master this popular eye-make-up technique, this course will allow you to find your ideal intensity and perfect this skill in two hours. The professionals will show you easy ways of achieving this eye make-up design with the use of different products and professional tools. Then it’s up to you to make it your own!

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  5. The Night-Time Diva Course

    The Night-Time Diva Course

    Especially designed to help you master the basic skills of night-time make-up, this intensive 2-hour course is the ideal opportunity for you to learn from the professionals, experiment with products and create your own statement look before hitting the town! The ideal start to any big night out, it’ll equip you with the skills to give any look an Illamasqua edge.

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  6. Timeless Beauty Course

    Timeless Beauty Course

    Life begins at 40, and the Timeless Beauty course is especially designed to help you discover textures and shades that will illuminate your features for an updated glamorous look. Helping you master the basic skills of beautiful make-up, this 2 hour course is the ideal opportunity for you to learn directly from the professionals.

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  7. Skin Sculpting Course

    Skin Sculpting Course

    Discover the tips and tricks professional make-up has to offer when it comes to adding definition, light and dimension to facial contours. Take a step further than just creating a flawless base and master important techniques in this intensive 2 hour course with the help of the professionals.

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  8. Eyebrow and Lip Effects Course

    Eyebrow and Lip Effects Course

    Open your eyes and pucker those lips as we guide you through achieving eye brow and pout perfection in this intense two hour workshop. This course will inspire and teach you varied ways on how to enhance, define and create different eyebrow and lip effects whilst experimenting with the best tools and long-lasting products

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