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What’s it like working at Illamasqua?

To give you an idea of what being part of the Illamasqua family is really like, check out what some of our team had to say:

“I’m truly proud to be an ambassador for Illamasqua, it’s honestly more than a job to me. I think the difference is, compared to other jobs I’ve had previously, I’m encouraged to be myself. Being able to make myself up and dress to impress really makes getting ready for work exciting. I want to be on the frontline of the revolution we’re bringing. We encourage and promote self-confidence – not just a product. The amount of positive feedback I receive from customers is wonderful – my favourite was someone renaming us ‘Illamiracle’! My own confidence has grown as a result and I can honestly say I’m happy at work. There are some fantastic opportunities too, and I’ve learnt that all you need to do is ask and Illamasqua will strive to support you. Because we are such a young brand, there’s a tangible excitement with everyone I meet. I feel part of a family, with the whole brand and the people behind it.”

Illamasqua National MUA


"Working for Illamasqua has coloured my world, quite literally. There’s no limit to what you can create with Illamasqua. We are about creativity, individuality, knowing who you are and bringing out the best in others. That’s what I love about this brand; that’s what makes us different to the rest. Illamasqua treats you as a person not a number, you get noticed and appreciated. Everyone’s involved in all aspects of the brand, from make-up artistry to product suggestions and even events. You get to have your say and you are heard. Illamasqua is not only a make-up cult, but a make-up family. I love it and couldn't dream of working for another brand. That would just be boring.”

Illamasqua Business Manager


“I’ve only just joined Illamasqua but already I’m in absolutely no doubt it was the right move. The amazing range of colours and quality of products puts Illamasqua in a completely different league to anyone else. The philosophy and the freedom allowed to be creative is a make-up artist’s dream!”

Illamasqua Assistant Manager


“I’ve worked as a make-up artist with many international brands, and Illamasqua’s products and ethics are the most original and exciting I have ever experienced.”

Freelance Illamasqua MUA


“I love working for Illamasqua as it’s so much fun to have such a fantastic array of colours to play with everyday!”

Part-time Illamasqua MUA


“My initial thoughts when I discovered Illamasqua were, ‘Oh my god, this is the company for me!’ It was everything I was looking for as a make-up artist – the consistency of the products, a fantastic range of colours and the commitment to promoting individuality, no matter what. Everyone within the company has a voice, everyone is unique. You only have to go to any of our gorgeous counters to see how crazy we all are about Illamasqua. But what bonds us is our passion for fantastic products and wanting to self-express through an amazing brand. You’ll never find another team like it!”

Illamasqua Business Manager


“One of the reasons I love working for Illamasqua is because the brand is so original and full of glamour. The fact that the company focuses on the alter ego appeals to me, as I’ve always been a massive fan of interchangeable looks, both for clients and myself.”

Part-time Illamasqua MUA