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Part hydrator, part primer, Hydra Veil instantly hydrates and smooths skin through a self-levelling, futuristic clear gel. Microalgae, Vitamin C and B3 work together to help maintain skins hydration levels, creating a healthy looking, balanced finish. Plant extracts also provide a calming and refreshing feeling, leaving skin fully prepped to apply your chosen foundation.

30ml / 1.0 FL OZ
£10.67 per 10ml

Artist tips | Delivery & returns | Ingredients
Prior to foundation application, use the spoon provided to apply one scoop of Hydra Veil to the palm of your hand. Using the Foundation or Highlighter Brush, gently brush the product from your hand and apply all over the face, right up to the lash line until the product is fully absorbed.
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Made in Thailand

Vegan Friendly

Artist tips
Prior to foundation application, use the spoon provided to apply one scoop of Hydra Veil to the palm of your hand. Using the Foundation or Highlighter Brush, gently brush the product from your hand and apply all over the face, right up to the lash line until the product is fully absorbed.
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Delivery MethodPriceDeliveryNotes
UK Standard FREE 2 – 3 working days Free on all orders
UK Premium Next Day £4.95 Next Day (7am – 9pm) Order by 2pm
UK Premium Next Day AM £6.95 Next Day  (7am – 12pm) Order by 2pm

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We hope you love your new make-up. However, if there is a problem with your order from, it has arrived damaged or does not contain the colour/product you specified, please return it to us within 30 days and we will replace it or provide a refund.

Please note: we cannot accept returns on used products.

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Made in Thailand

Vegan Friendly

Customer Reviews


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16 April 2017

LOVE THIS! use this daily. Mak...
LOVE THIS! use this daily. Makes your makeup go on lovely and even and makes your skin hydrated. Must have in your makeup bag.

13 April 2017

I'd give this 6 stars if I cou...
I'd give this 6 stars if I could. A tiny amount goes a long way - I'm convinced my skin has improved since using it. Feels more like a very good quality moisturiser than a primer - but still does a primer's job.

4 April 2017

transparent and highly hydrate...
transparent and highly hydrated

20 March 2017

A stable product I use daily...
A stable product I use daily

8 March 2017

I purchased it with skinbase f...
I purchased it with skinbase foundation and got a 6ml sample. So I tried both yesterday and it was little sticky at the beginning, little hard to move foundation brush on my skin. But when I buffed enough my skin looked nicely glow and beautiful! You need very small amount like pea size and really effective! I think I am going to fall in love with this product.

8 March 2017

My favourite primer ever!!!...
My favourite primer ever!!!

6 March 2017

I do like the hydraveil and ha...
I do like the hydraveil and has made massive improvements to my skin as I suffer from eczema! Is a must have product but only thing for me is you think 30g is a lot but I use one brush amount a day and the pot goes very quickly

1 March 2017

My daughter told me about this...
My daughter told me about this product . It really makes applying make up so much better love it .

28 February 2017

Fab primer, a must have in you...
Fab primer, a must have in your make up bag

26 February 2017

I have gotten a sample of it a...
I have gotten a sample of it about a year or two ago and loved it. it works really nice and hasn't made me look oily

23 February 2017

My holy grail primer, keeps sk...
My holy grail primer, keeps skin balanced and fresh feeling as well as holding your foundation in place. Skinbase works AMAZINGLY over this! Ps I have a mostly oily skin and find it balances my skin perfectly.

16 February 2017

So happy to finally have this ...
So happy to finally have this in my kit! I love it!!

15 February 2017

If there is an option to choos...
If there is an option to choose the delivery date and time, that would be great!

14 February 2017

love this stuff!! always get s...
love this stuff!! always get such a great finish using this primer

5 February 2017

Très bien produit, pas gras
Très bien produit, pas gras, lège

3 February 2017

Absolutely amazing!
I got a sample of this primer in my Look Fantastic beauty box.
I tested it today before going on a date, and my makeup looked stunning all night! My foundation and other skin cosmetics glided on like a charm with my beautyblender. It makes my foundation look like my own skin but better. My skin looks hydrated, plump and slightly dewy, wich I loveee! I have dry, sensitive skin and this felt very good on my face. In the beginning, it felt kind of tightening, nut sure if it's supposed to, but I liked it. I will definitely buy a full size of this product! Thank you, Illamasqua for this amazing primer!

3 February 2017

Great under skin base foundati...
Great under skin base foundation.

31 January 2017

Omg!!! Absolutely the best pri...
Omg!!! Absolutely the best primer for dry skin

28 January 2017

I have extremely dry skin and this primer not only hydrates my skin but keeps it glowy too. This is a great primer! A little bit cold when you put on your face lol but I love it despite that!

26 January 2017

I love this product - this is ...
I love this product - this is a re-purchase for me, of a product that was used during a makeup visit in store (had it done) and the MUA used this as my base - I love it.

24 January 2017

Awesome product love it to mix...
Awesome product love it to mix with foundation as well as a base

12 January 2017

This product is amazing and I absolutely will be repurchasing!! Keeps my foundation (Chanel) on all day and really replenishes my skin!! Really good!! Would recommend❤❤❤

12 January 2017

This product is amazing and I absolutely will be repurchasing!! Keeps my foundation (Chanel) on all day and really replenishes my skin!! Really good!! Would recommend❤❤❤

8 January 2017

I love Hydra Veil! It is a mus...
I love Hydra Veil! It is a must have in my kit and the only primer I tend to use at the moment.

6 January 2017


5 January 2017

Great item, I use it regularly...
Great item, I use it regularly, brings hydration to the skin and forms perfect base for other products.

5 January 2017

One of the products I can't li...
One of the products I can't live without:)

28 December 2016

Love the feel of this product. I put it on, allow it to sink in then apply foundation and my skin feels so smooth. Would recommend to anyone with dehydrated/dry or mature skin.

27 December 2016

Great product, definitely buy ...
Great product, definitely buy again

23 December 2016

Good delivery unique excellent...
Good delivery unique excellent product

19 December 2016

New to me - can't believe I've...
New to me - can't believe I've waited so long to try this product. It is amazing! Giving such a lustre and smoothness to the skin and the skin base just seems to attach itself to it, all day confidence

18 December 2016

Nice hydration but hard to put...
Nice hydration but hard to put make-up on. I can live without it.

17 December 2016

One of my favourite priming pr...
One of my favourite priming products, hydrating without being sticky.

16 December 2016

The eyeliner is spot on. Stays...
The eyeliner is spot on. Stays put and never smudges. The Hydra veil is probably one of the best things I've ever purchased. My face is smooth and moisturized and I go all day without a single smudge. No more racoon eyes after sweating or shedding a tear. I seriously love what I bought and will be back for more.

7 December 2016

Use this product all the time ...
Use this product all the time on my brides, great product

29 November 2016

I love this product - great fo...
I love this product - great for my very dry, mature skin.

25 November 2016

Love it!!! Really is a good pr...
Love it!!! Really is a good primer and moisturiser.

9 November 2016

Best new Product on the Market!!
Love the hydraveil!! Wish this company was in stores in US. I love how this makes my skin feel drenched and replenished. Great going Illamasqua :)

8 November 2016

Amazing hydrating primer - per...
Amazing hydrating primer - perfect for my makeup kit for clients with dry or dehydrated skin. Great base for Skin Base they're a match made in heaven!

8 November 2016

i really really really really...
really really really really like it

28 October 2016

This is the ONLY moisturizer I...
This is the ONLY moisturizer I will use under make-up. It is so light and hydrating, yet works like a primer so my make-up last all day. Wonderful!

21 October 2016

Know your skin
I bought this product the other day and was excited to use the product the next day I applied a small amount to my face and waited to next apply my foundation, It left a beautiful complexion and I had compliments of how radiant my face appeared, however throughout the day my skin felt itchy and I soon realised my skin appeared to look burnt, I wiped my makeup off in the evening and this morning it has left my skin blotchy, my skin is oily and also dry in certain areas, it made my skin look beautiful but I have very sensitive areas such as my nose and checks and its completely irritated my skin, I am not happy with this would not buy again.

13 October 2016

Hydra Veil is a must for dry m...
Hydra Veil is a must for dry mature skin. It fills lines and creates a dewy canvas to carry the foundation. It is a must have product!

30 September 2016

Fraktade den till Sverige (tog...
Fraktade den till Sverige (tog 11 dagar). Enda nackdelen är att den håller inte sminket på näsan på plats. Btw jag har oljig hud

26 September 2016

this is an amazing product and...
this is an amazing product and one which I simply cannot live without.

21 September 2016

great product but PACKAGING IS AWFUL
i love the primer but why make the packaging so shit !! why not just put it in a tube !! for some reason i can't fasten the lid back on? it went all over everything in my makeup bag and made everything so sticky. so annoying. can someone please tell me how to put the lid on properly or is mine just broken

10 September 2016

The best skin product
I watched a rolling advert for this from a restaurant whilst having lunch! I went straight over to the shop and bought it! I can't live without it now! It's a superb product, I just love it.

24 August 2016

Love this product! I'd seen go...
Love this product! I'd seen good reviews and had to try it for myself! A tiny bit goes a long way! Only used a few times but the texture and feel of this product leaves your skin feeling amazing!

21 August 2016

Loved it as soon as i tried it...
Loved it as soon as i tried it! Felt beautiful on my skin and helped the foundation to look at flassless as possible

18 August 2016

Sinks in well but still leaves...
Sinks in well but still leaves dry patches on very Dry skin

16 August 2016

I'm a makeup artist, I bought ...
I'm a makeup artist, I bought 4 for backup. This is one of the product I use for every single customer! Excellent result!

8 August 2016

The texture is different to wh...
The texture is different to what you expect. But amazing on the skin.

4 August 2016

Love this product. Really effe...
Love this product. Really effective and good volume of product making it good value for money.

2 August 2016

I have used this product in a ...
I have used this product in a sample only and loved it so much I had to get it! Smooth, hydrating and helps makeup stay on all day with a flawless finish.

28 July 2016

Think this is my third repurch...
Think this is my third and my skin love it

22 July 2016

I love the feel of this, it ma...
I love the feel of this, it makes my skin so fresh and feels great on sensitive skin

18 July 2016

Using hydra veil I don't need ...
Using hydra veil I don't need to use my moisturiser, I like it being a primer and moisturiser in one. The gel idea is neat too!

18 July 2016

Wonderful product, I have very...
Wonderful product, I have very dry skin with patches of eczema and no primer has worked before this one

14 July 2016

The product is definitely diff...
The product is definitely different, but I like it. It seems like it is very pricey, but it is going to last a long time. I'm impressed.

21 June 2016

Absolutely love this product m...
Absolutely love this product my most favourite primer

12 June 2016

The one and ONLY primer
Have been using this for a while now and I have very sensitive (eczema) skin and can also get a bit flaky around my forehead, but this primer makes my skin perfect. Also keeps makeup on, even when sweating. I was running out of this and used a different primer the other day and seriously got most of my foundation smudged out after brushing my teeth and accidentally got some water on my face. Really proves this primer is the best one I've ever had!

9 June 2016

I used to like this one, but r...
I used to like this one, but recently it got too heavy for me. But it may be my personal opinion.

1 June 2016

Amazing product! Hydra Veil m...
Amazing product! Hydra Veil meets and exceeds my expectations. This product does what it claims!

20 May 2016

Fantastic primer, I use this o...
Fantastic primer, I use this on very dry / mature skins. It leaves a perfect surface in which to apply a base. It hydrates and smooths dry areas.

11 May 2016

it did hydrate and refresh the...
it did hydrate and refresh the skin without oily touches, which is very important in the muggy summer time.

5 May 2016

Feels fantastic, disappears in...
Feels fantastic, disappears into the skin - looking forward to playing with it a little more.

3 May 2016

I wanted something to form a b...
I wanted something to form a base for my foundation makeup. Something that filled in porrs and made my makeup go on more smoothly. It didn't really suit me and I now use s cheaper one that really does. Having said that my daughter loved it as it suited her ( younger) skin better.

21 April 2016

This primer is beautiful for d...
This primer is beautiful for dry skin or even 'normal' skin types. It's texture in the pot is like clear jelly and you only need ever such a small amount. I used this primer in my makeup kit for mt clients and its never received any bad feedback :)

4 April 2016

First time trying this product...
First time trying this product, was a bit skeptical at first especially with the price but it arrived safely and it makes my skin feel gorgeous! I can see it lasting a long time too!

30 March 2016

Although the hydra veil is goo...
Although the hydra veil is good and my foundation stays in place a long time, I was a little disappointed in the appearance of my skin using the hydra veil none to little improvement

17 March 2016

Amazing primer for dry skin, t...
Amazing primer for dry skin, the container itself is so efficient and professional looking

9 March 2016

absolutely adore this product ...
absolutely adore this product . I have problem skin and many products causes me face to breakout. This is the first product of this kind that I have used that has not caused me any problems what so ever . It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and very smooth . 5 out 5

9 March 2016

This is by far the best primer...
This is by far the best primer ever

1 March 2016

Love this! Feels so lovely on ...
Love this! Feels so lovely on skin and makes foundation look gorgeous!

29 February 2016

This is a repeat purchase for ...
This is a repeat purchase for me. I love Hydra Veil and would recommend to anyone who wants a nice smooth base for their foundation. Also great for those who have dry/ sensitive skin.

29 February 2016

No very significant effect....
No very significant effect.

8 February 2016

Amazing!! packaging is a let down though
This primer is amazing - works wonders for my acne scars by giving my skin an even skintone. Only downside is the packaging. Somehow the lid on the tub broke and product leaked everywhere which i was very unhappy about seeing as i paid so much for it. Improvements to be made to packaging please!

8 February 2016

I bought this to my friend. Sh...
I bought this to my friend. She loves it.

2 February 2016

Highly hydra and long wear for...
Highly hydra and long wear for foundations.

2 February 2016

Highly moisturising, smoothing...
Highly moisturising, smoothing and feels luxurious once on. Again, a staple for any makeup bag or kit.

22 January 2016

LIght, hydrating, a wonderful ...
LIght, hydrating, a wonderful base to foundation esepcially for the drier skins.

18 January 2016

This is an amazing primer - on...
This is an amazing primer - one of my absolute favourites ...its brilliant for dehydrated skin. I find a lot of my brides who have travelled long distances (flights) and may be a little dehydrated benefit so much from this product. I've recommended it to so many people.

11 January 2016

This is literally a miracle wo...
This is literally a miracle worker - I use under make up for a flawless base or dab on over make up if I have any dry patches/fine lines and it soaks in leaving no trace just flawless skin!! I was looking for a cruelty free alternative to Porefessional by Benefit since I found out they test on animals & this has more than delivered. I'll never go back now !! Keep up the good cruelty-free work Illasmasqua

7 January 2016

Dry skin folks REJOICE! Not gr...
Dry skin folks REJOICE! Not greasy but the most incredibly hydrating primer of the many I've tried. Packaging includes a spatula that ATTACHES to the lid in the simplest of ways so it's right there when you need it - all this for a totally fair price. What's not to love?

1 January 2016

Great product, bad packaging
I love this product for wearing over my moisturiser and under my foundation. Keeps my makeup from drying out in an air conditioned office.
Would love if this was in a tube! so much cleaner than dipping fingers in and so much better for travelling!
PLEASE release a tube option!

29 December 2015

Product of very good quality....
Product of very good quality. Speedy service. My daughter is very please with her primer.

28 December 2015

Hydra veil is one of my favour...
Hydra veil is one of my favourite Illamasqua products- feels heavenly on the skin, and provides a beautiful base for foundation.

21 December 2015

A must have , amazing product...
A must have , amazing product

21 December 2015

Doesn't feel as silky on my sk...
Doesn't feel as silky on my skin as I remember, but leaves a good finish under makeup

9 October 2015

Lovely Product
it is a very refreshing multi purpose ( primer moisturizer) product. It has a soothing feel. The only thing I don't like is the jar. I wish it came in a tube. It would be much cleaner in the long run.

21 September 2015

Caused an allergic reaction
Unfortunately this product contains methylisothiazolinone which many people are allergic too. It caused my face to explode with painful dermatitis sores. If you do buy this make sure you do a skin patch test at least a day before covering your whole face with it.

30 June 2015

Must have!
I have very dry skin and the Hydra Veil and Skin Base Foundation work so beautifully together - my skin looks fresh and hydrated all day - Its also a staple in my pro kit as my clients love it.

8 June 2015

Very impressed
This is basically a primer and a moisturiser, so hydrating and gentle on the skin. I have oily skin, but as late have become combo outside the t-zone - I've been putting this on after moisturiser, sometimes on it's own if I'm lazy, and my make up has been looking great even up until I take it off at night. The matte veil was also good, but not stand out enough to repurchase. You only need the tiniest blob, it comes with a tiny spoon and goes a long way. It also has the strangest texture, it goes on as a gel and somehow settles almost matte for me. Definitely a unique product that appears to be good for any type of skin, obviously still using a setting powder for oilier skin styles.. but overall, love this primer

This product is definitely unique

3 June 2015

Praise be for hydra veil!
This is sooo goood.
I totally love it and have found it is now the only primer for me.
I have very dry skin especially around my jaw line where my foundation will dry out and go organgy... But with hydra veil this never happens. You get the IDEAL combination of foundation staying firmly put all day but also remaining fresh and dewy too.
100% recommend this for dry skin

22 May 2015

Dont rate it at all
I am so disappointed that I don't seem to be getting the results everyone else is with this product. I was so excited to start using it and it definitely has not lived up to my expectations. My face has broken out in spots every day since i started using it and I don't find it as hydrating as other products I have used :(

14 April 2015

great for sensitive dry skin
I have excema and roseacea and I'm allergic to everything and I mean everything! I use doctor prescribed moisturiser and usually even this burns if I have exfoliated. This DOES NOT STING! It is essential under the skin base foundation which I feel is very full coverage and quite dry in texture but the hydraveil is amazing. I'm not flake free but this definitely helps! It doesn't feel like other primers either which feel really fake and silicone like - this seems to plump and hydrate and skin on rather than leaving that plasticy velvet feel that other primers leave. Feels like skin can breathe. Worth every penny!

5 April 2015

makeup artist
I'm in eygpt can you deliver the proudect

28 March 2015

Absolutely love this. My skin was so dry and my foundation would flake minutes after applying it! Now it stays perfect and the primer is so light you don't feel it being there! The sales consultant who sold it to me also said he pops some on at night before bed if he gets any dry patches in the cold weather and I agree it worked! It's very hydrating and holds the foundation longer. Worth the money x

26 March 2015

Think I'm missing something.
Sorry to go against the flow, but I just can't agree with all the love for this. I find it totally underwhelming, and it doesn't prime at all.

14 March 2015

Amazing primer, defiantly rehydrates my skin and make up looks so flawless on top of it! Would defiantly buy again !!

10 February 2015

Hydrating, non greasy- PERFECT primer!
Wow wow wow! Perfect primer. Your foundation will stay in place all day! Hydra vale is extremely hydrating and prevents my skin base and powders sinking to lines under my eyes. Feels very light/ totally unaware in wearing it! I've used smash box hydrating primer, and I liked it- but this; I LOVE!!!!x

29 December 2014

finally able to keep foundation from drying out all day!!

26 December 2014

There has been NOTHING on the magnamous cosmetic market like hydra veil that has been effective in hydrating, nurturing and causing my skin to glow. I am so mad it is no linger in the U.S.A.
~Brooklyn, NY

24 October 2014

Leaves an Absolutely Amazing Sleek Base ...
..that transforms into a "Poreless Dewey Finish" after buffing your foundation/corrector into skin. What makes "Hydra Vail" even more amazing, is -if you spray your buffing brush with a tiny bit of water or hydrating face mist, then buff away, it melts your foundation in to the Hydra Vail which will leave your face looking and feeling incredible smooth, dewey but yet completely natural. I sweat a lot at my job and it seems like my face looks better and better every time i blot dry it. So for those questioning how this would work or hold up in hot humid climates, I would say, absolutely the best for humid hot climates !!! will start a Love Affair with your own, amazing looking skin. I promise!
PS... you can also spray some hydrating mist directly on to your face, work it in with your fingers or micro fiber cloth/towel, -Still absolutely gorgeous results.

16 October 2014

Best Product Ever
I stumbled upon hydra veil by mistake while searching makeup reviews. I live in South Africa and was not sure about the product and decided to take a chance and purchase it. Oh my word I was absolutely amazed by the results of using this product before applying my make up. What a huge difference it makes. Well done Illamasqua. Please don't ever stop the production of this product

19 September 2014

I have combo skin. Very oily in the T-zone and dry mainly around my mouth, upper lip and under eye area. This product has truly turned my skin into flawless skin. This does an excellent job, with doing what it says! Hydrating those dry spots and keeping them hydrate all day with and without makeup!!! No more cakey look and no flaking at all!

19 September 2014

I have dry and sensative skin so was a bit nervous about trying it as I didn't want to break out in a rash like I do with a lot of primers. However, Hydra Veil works so well with my skin! I am in love! I always moisturise with a rich moisturiser, and with this added before I apply my Skin Base Foundation doesn't make me shiney which is a major plus :o) Illamasqua does it again..!

17 September 2014

Holy Grail
This product is better than any review ever makes it out to be. I've always suffered extremely dry and flaky skin, and no matter how little foundation I put on my skin it always looked cakey. This is the ONLY product I have ever found that disguises it. Sure, it helps if you exfoliate and moisturise a little before but even without that this product is amazing! Can't go a day without it. My holy grail of makeup!

31 August 2014

A must have!!
my skin has turned so dry since being on roaccutane and I needed a primer that would hydrate my skin at the same time. what i do, is i put a tiny bit on and then leave it for 20-30 mins then proceed to apply make up on. flawless looking skin!! so glad i decided to purchase it!

30 August 2014

Where have U been all of my life
It really works I've tried so many products for that matt look and this did the trick on my combination skin..Don't think about it... Buy it.....

29 August 2014

Every make up artists must have and secret weapon!
Just buy it!!!

19 August 2014

Great product!
Great product! No doubt! However really found the pot is not user friendly and not hygiene. Should have a similar system like the foundation, squeeze out the amount that needed, much better!

1 August 2014

Absolutely love this product it's brilliant ! Gives my whole face such a flawless look and best used with illamasqua foundations!

21 July 2014

Best primer ever!
I absolutely LOVE Hydra Veil! I normally don't like to wear anything on my face like moisturizer because I always end up looking like a grease pit, however, with Hydra Veil my skin feels great and better yet, looks great! it leaves the skin looking flawless!

17 July 2014

Keeps skin fresh
I bought this for my kit in the heatwave last year and swear by it! It makes my makeup look Flawless plus when its warm, the cooling feeling you get when its applied stays with you all day! Best product i've ever bought!

16 July 2014

Feels lovely
I'm just about to run out of my first jar, and I plan on buying more. While I did not notice a DRASTIC difference in how well my makeup stayed in place, it's definitely one of the best I've used. It feels great on my skin (I have combination skin and mild rosacea, it did not cause me to flare up) and does create a good hold. I've already recommended it to a few friends!

3 July 2014

This is the best primer for dry skin.

1 July 2014

Can't notice a difference
I eagerly anticipated hydra veil, and purchased it mainly because it had such incredible reviews. Unfortunately I haven't noticed any difference when using it, certainly not in terms of keeping my make up on for longer (I have to use the translucent setting powder for this). Clearly I'm an anomaly as there are lots of very positive reviews out there, but it just didn't work for me. It's the only Illamasqua product that I haven't loved, the rest of the range is fantastic. Won't be purchasing again.

28 June 2014

Silky smooth base for foundation
I absolutely adore this product . I'm in my fifties and my skin can look really dull , but a little of this before my foundation and my skin has come back to life and is vibrant . A wee bit pricey but a little goes a long way x

27 May 2014

I have been using this since July last year after running out of matte primer, and I have never looked back! Absolutely incredible, gives the skin a flawless base and works well with Skin Base foundation + powder. Recommend to anyone, I have combination skin and have difficulties matching products to my skin and this works a treat!

8 May 2014

Cannot live without
I've struggled with combination skin for years, extra dry t zone but if I put a tiny but of moisture on I'm an oily mess. I got this in the set with the concealer and foundation and didn't think id use it and I was wrong.
Literally makes my skin amazing, not oily but slightly dewy and my foundation doesn't sink into my skin I loveeeeee it.

26 March 2014

A Makeup artists staple.
A wonderful innovative product. If you are thinking of buying this product; stop thinking and get it. Goes on easily and leaves the skin fully prepared and ready to start working with. Leaves the skin looking immaculately finished. Buy it now x

6 March 2014

I just Love It!!
I bought a sample of this based on a utube video I saw and let me say it is AMAZING!! I just love it! I'm so afraid the little sample tube is going to run out! I have oily skin in the t-skin and let me tell you my makeup stays on all day with just a little dewiness!! (is that a word??). My skin looks plump and it does blue my pores. I love how it starts out as a gel, but just goes on so silky smooth like water - LUV IT!

2 March 2014

Wouldn't be without!
i absolutely love this product, i used to have really oily skin but now i find my skin is more dry and this is perfect for that happy-medium skin. i apply it straight after my moisturiser and i can apply it without also its that hydrating!

28 February 2014

I have been bowled over by the product! Never tried anything like it before and I wont again as I am sticking firmly with this one. My daughter gave me it as a Christmas gift and I have never looked back. It literally makes my skin GLOW (I am 52!).

24 February 2014

This product made me break out in spots. Definitely not for me.

23 February 2014

Provides silky base for foundation
Its just amazing, gives you a flawless silky skin. Perfect for dry skin. Highly recommended for all those who have dry flaky skin!

22 February 2014

Holy Grail Product for Dry Skin!
I'm not normally blown away by makeup products, and especially when they're higher end it takes a lot to impress me, but I can see myself buying this again and again. It works so well on my dry skin and i'm amazed at how little product you have to use to cover your entire face! Makes my skin feel so hydrated, my foundation looks flawless and I can see this lasting me a long time. Worth every cent!

18 February 2014

Skin base like water
I love love love this, worth every penny , also you don't need lots of it and if you put to much on can swipe it of the spoon and put back in the container , also my skin looks flawless with any foundation on it x

3 February 2014

Magic potion!! Hydra veil is insane!! I have been using a well known primer with good results for quite a number of years, until I started noticing my skin wasn't getting the primed results a primer should offer, so after trying for a good 6 months to get Hydraveil from my local counter, I finally got my hands on it! My skin is sometimes dry, sometimes i have an oily t zone, sometimes my t zone can be dry also (its all over the place). It instantly hydrates my skin, yes it feels a little tacky when on, but this just aids your foundation to stick to the face!! And wow does my makeup last!! It is seriously a magic potion and I just cannot believe how well it works!! As a professional makeup artist, I feel it's one of the most important products to have in my kit and personal makeup stash. It gives such a stunning result on models skin!! I LOVE IT! If I could give this a million stars I would!!!

11 January 2014

Where have you been all my life??
I was a bit wary of trying this because I have combination skin and thought it might have left my oily T zone shiny. I needn't have worried! By far the best make up base I've used, my foundation and blusher stays put until I take it off at night with no shiny bits appearing during the day! It feels cold and refreshing when you put it on (this will be great in summer). Once you put on your foundation it's a case of "hello flawless skin". Another legendary product from Illamasqua!

9 January 2014

Love this product, really could not put make up on without it! A small amount goes a long way so well worth the money. Keeps my make up looking fresh all day!

7 January 2014

I adore this product so much. It feels to weird but nice when it goes on your skin (It's like a cold gel, with a sort of satin texture) and really makes my makeup stay all day. A little bit really goes a long way. Fabulous product.

4 January 2014

I LOVE make up products. I have been a Illamasqua fan ever since it came out.. but I use all make up products from different brands. I try quite a lot out because I have combination skin and an asian skin tone so can get difficult to match up. I struggle to find a DECENT primer. I use other brands liquid foundations, mineral powders, etc.. and by far the hydra veil has been the best. its incredible.I have used it for about a week under my make up and boy can I distinctively describe the better difference it has made!!.. My make up looks immaculate and beautiful as it does at the beginning of the day. As soon as you put the gel on your face (which btw you don't need to use a lot as it lasts for ages).. your skin feels amazing straight away!.. Not messy, no residue. Amazing. I would 100% recommend this product. It works over and under ANY foundation you want to use.

13 December 2013

Amazing for oily skin
i never normally do reviews but this is just amazing!! my skin is so oily and i also have blemishes but this just makes your makeup absolutely flawless! couldn't recommend it enough you wont regret it! xxxx

1 December 2013

Brilliant !!!
I'll just cut straight to the point ..... this is by far the best primer I have ever tried/had. Having an extremely dry skin, I found this primer to be incredibly moisturising. It feels slightly sticky when on: however it grabs on to your foundation like no other. Its absolutely fantastic! I set my foundation with the Illamasqua Loose Powder and HELLO flawless skin. I am so very pleased with this product and higly recommend it . This is the best primer I have ever used. Thank you Illamasqua *****

30 November 2013

dont thin you could use makeup with out this product. leaves my skin flawless with everybosy noticing. brilliant

6 November 2013

Kit staple
I don't know how I've lived without this! I have dry, sensitive skin and Hydra Veil actually keeps my foundation looking great all day. Usually when I wear foundation I get dry patches by the end of the day - but not when I prime with this. I adore it. It works beautifully when I use it with Skin Base on my clients.

24 October 2013

Flawless Skin!
I purchased this from the illamasqua counter in Birmingham. It felt so cool once applied on the skin. Gave an instant boost of hydration and face felt so plump! Would highly recommend purchasing this if you want flawless dewy skin!

16 October 2013

words can't describe
as a make up artist i find it hard to find a really good staple primer for myself and clients with all different skin types but when i bought this i wouldnt be without it in my make up bag or my kit!! it works wonders!! worth every penny and i urge people on the fence about it to try it out, you wont regret it!

12 October 2013

Hydra Veil
I find it a little sticky, to start with, however feel good when on ,as I used it as base to my foundation.
I have Dry sensitive skin, sometimes it does sting if my skin has dried out , however it is a good product and I will sometime buy again.

30 September 2013

It is the bomdotcom absolutely amazing wish it was in a bigger package

3 September 2013

Just incredible
I cannot recommend the product highly enough, as a moisturiser, serum, or a primer. Such an all-rounder with wonderful benefits for the skin and for make up application. The pot is attractive and also has a very large amount in it considering how small an amount is needed per application - I am expecting he tub to last a good few months.
Buy Hydra Veil!

9 August 2013

Love this, but is it veggie?
Been using Hydra Veil since it came out in April and it gives such a beautiful finish. I'm dry on my cheeks with an oily t-zone and it makes Skin Base look even better. I often wear it by itself! But I'm hearing conflicting reports, could Illamasqua confirm it's suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

1 August 2013

Gift from the Gods
I love this! I have very sensitive combination skin and this looks and feels wonderful. Looks great just on its own and under make up. Would definitely recommend!

28 July 2013

Very good
I bought this product not really knowing what it was, purely because of the good reviews it had received - and I'm glad I did. It says it's not a primer, but I do use it as one. My skin is combination, with lots of dry bits and this hydrates the dryness so foundation doesn't go patchy. It also doesn't irritate oily parts so it is fine for oily skin too. It just helps create a very natural, glowing skin. Your skin will look good with this, even if you don't have perfect skin. Well worth the money since you only need a tiny amount each time you use it.

26 July 2013

Simply the best primer
This stuff is beautiful, I've not found anything to match it. I have a mixture of dry and oily patches, and hydra veil stabIlises both, leaving me with a gorgeous dewy finish. I hardly need to touch up at all throughout the day, and even with the recent hot weather, it's held my foundation brilliantly. I've used it on clients with great results, so far its universally loved!

24 July 2013

the holy nectar for skin
I used this product and it worked wonders fantastic!

23 July 2013

I have dry bits, oily bits, bits that don't hold make up.. I have tried so many primers and none have worked.. They have made me look worse!! So when I was shown this I was thinking gotta give it a go. So glad I did..

23 July 2013

A Must Have!!!!!
Love this product!!! Skin looks flawless and foundation does not move out of place all day. Got it tested in Selfridges at the Trafford Centre and purchased it straight away. Defo worth the price :)

22 July 2013

So I'd watched xxmichaeljames' video on youtube about this product and he loved it so went to go read and watch more reviews and everyone loved it so went to the Manchester Exchange Square counter where I go for all my Illamasqua stuff and asked to try Hydra Veil and it felt amazing so I went and bought it and do not regret it my skin looks amazing! Will repurchase this definitely

18 July 2013

Incredible. Amazing. Insane.
While Illamasqua says this isn't a primer, it acts as a pretty amazing one. I'd describe it as being hit in the face with a bucket of water. It is SO intensely moisturising. As a primer it works AMAZINGLY. It almost glues foundation to the skin. It also completely smooths and evens dry skin. This product is completely unique. I can't recommend it enough. It is amazing plain and simple, the packaging is sleek and professional. I could rave about it for hours. Well done Illamasqua. You're my favourite brand for a reason.

16 July 2013

Finally, glowing not greasy!
I'm honestly gobsmacked by how healthy and glowing Hydroveil makes my skin look. I suffer from excessively oily skin (especially in summer) so wasn't expecting miracles with this product, but I'm so so pleased. I never thought I could look dewy instead of shiny! The MUA applied this at the counter with Skin Base on top, but I've been using it in place of a moisturiser and primer with my usual MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation and the end result is just as lovely. It helps my makeup stay put throughout the day and doesn't cause it to crease, slide or patch. I can't thank Illamasqua enough!

6 July 2013

Doesn't work at all. I'm so angry and disappointed that it works for everyone else. I have oily skin but make up creases into the sides of my nose and around my mouth towards the end of the day, I thought this would be the answer. Tried it with Rich Liquid, doesn't work. Tried it with Skin Base, doesn't work. Makes my skin look dry, all my pores look bigger, skin looks uneven. Very disappointed, I don't understand all the 5 star reviews.

4 July 2013

The Holy Grail of Makeup
I live the way Hydraveil feels on my skin. Instantly smooth and flawless. On the days I don't wear makeup I still apply hydraveil and my skin looks so much better instantly. I can't live without it and I recently visited the Sydney Store in Australia and purchased a backup for when I run out. I love you Illamasqua!

4 July 2013

Unique new product
Hydra Veil is not only fun to wiggle around in the jar, but as far as hybrid primer/skin care products go, this is my fav. I typically don't bother with primer... and some days not even moisturizer to be honest. But I love how this instantly refreshes my skin, and once i've applied it and let it set for a couple minutes, how smooth the foundation goes on. I have oily skin too, and this hasn't bothered it at all.

2 July 2013

Doesn't work for everyone.
I really wanted to love this product. I have the most awkward skin to deal with; very sensitive, very dry on the cheeks and chin, but a really oily t zone. I had my makeup done in Selfridges with Hydra Veil as a base, Skin Base foundation and a powder foundation to set it all. I actually walked out of the store with the Hydra Veil as it sounded like the answer to my prayers. An hour walking around the mall and a movie later you could have water skied on my forehead. I unfortunately had to return the product as it couldn't even last for 4 hours.

26 June 2013

This is the must have product for anyone with dry/dehydrated skin that is needing instant relief and a base to apply makeup on to. You won't believe that a primer can be this good or achieve such amazing results and you need the tiniest amount so this jar will last a while as you cannot use too much if you use the exact spoon amount. Dont try to use more or it will be a waste.

18 June 2013

This is the ultimate base for any foundation! I use it both with my illamasqua skin base and my mac studio fix fluid! It gives a smooth, flawless base for your foundation and lasts all day without seeming shiny! Would certainly recommend :) and re-purchase!

7 June 2013

It's the best product that I've ever used on my skin .... I've tried a load of products but this is just WOW ... Highly recommend x

1 June 2013

Best primer I have ever used!!!
I normally use nars or smashbox primers but I had heard so many good things about this product I just had to try it! Amazing primer! Makes your skin look so dewy and flawless. I have quite big pores and the hydraveil literally makes them look non existent! Due to the consistency of the gel you only need to use the tiniest bit of product so I can imagine that it will last me quite a long time. Keeps your makeup on for hours, great staying power! Worth every penny! :-)

23 May 2013

I wish I could rate this 10 stars!
Where to begin? I received this in the mail today and quickly rushed to try it. The texture is so unique and you need the tiniest amount! It absorbed effortlessly and my skin instantly felt as though it received a glass of water.
I'm oily and by the end of the day, even with mattifying primers/powders makeup separates, clings to my dry patches, and is basically a hot mess. Now, I'm a makeup I'm not unaware of products I can use to prevent this. I just haven't found one I've loved enough to rave about. Until now! My makeup looked flawless! FLAWLESS! My skin base went over it beautifully. And I always double up my coverage. So it didn't even get cakey with my Illamasqua powder foundation on top!

This is worth every penny. I will be purchasing again. Even before I run out! Just to make sure I don't go without.

Way to go on this one, Illamasqua! You never disappoint!

20 May 2013

very good
I bought this as I already use the satin primer and a make up artist friend recommended it to me as I have dry and dehydrated skin. It is very very good, and stopped my skin base going flaky on my dry areas and also stopped it cracking around the base of my nose (my pet peeve!) The only worry I have is it wont last as long as my satin primer and therefore it makes me reluctant to use it everyday, and for the price i'm really hoping it will. But I'll see how long it takes for me to go through it. Other than that, its great!

14 May 2013

Perfect for under skinbase
Makes skinbase go on flawlessly and keeps my face immaculate all day.
Wouldn't be without it now!

8 May 2013

Wow amazing
This it's the secret to a no surgery face lift instantly smooths giving you flawless skin thank you so much

6 May 2013

The Holy Nectar For Skin!!!
This little 30ml gem is worth every penny. I purchased this today after the sales consultant prepared my skin for a suitable foundation colour. I had exceptional dry skin owing to the weather and indoor heating and was shocked that after using this product my skin felt hydrated instantly. I have tried many expensive and drugstore creams, but nothing beats this amazing product. Highly recommend. Way to go Illamasqua x
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