School of Make-up Art

Why Choose Us?

Our expertly designed short courses are a great way to learn new skills, diversify your existing skills, interact with other like-minded creative people, and develop greater confidence with make-up. They also help promote any aspirations you may have to attain a Professional Make-up Artistry skill level. Each one is designed to build confidence and technical competence.

If you don't have any previous make-up artistry experience don't worry, we advise you simply start at the beginning of our course programme. If you are passionate about make-up or would like to get into the industry in the future, or wish to attend a course as a taster to see if professional make-up is something you would love doing as a career, we have a course suitable for you.

Click on Courses on the left hand side for all the details, have a good look through and see which ones are of interest. If you want to talk to someone before booking, do not hesitate to contact the School on +44 (0) 203 432 3277 or email .