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The World Wide Web is a wonderful place. A never-ending hub where you can explore, learn, educate and shop yet it can also be very daunting. With the growth in social media come the opportunity for open discussion and the sharing of opinion. Whilst this can be a positive notion, there are more and more cases where negativity and even verbal abuse arises.

Beauty vlogger, Em Ford, recently shed light on this destructive side when she received endless insulting comments on her make-up tutorials. These comments simply branch from her taking the step to show her bare skin to her followers. What was the reason for these negative comments? Blemishes – a common skin concern for millions of men and women on this planet.

It is these comments that gave Em the motivation to respond with a follow up video, #YOULOOKDISGUSTING. Opening up about her skin concerns and her make-up regime, Em revealed the negative attitude towards her skin and invited others to share their own comments on confidence and how they feel about their own appearance. This video has had over 12.5m views, with the hashtag shared thousands of times across social media.

This three minute clip stands up to the stream of abuse Em has received and delivers a powerful message that we should all, as humans, acknowledge. Embrace your natural beauty. This film wasn’t just about Em. It was about millions of other acne suffers and how you can overcome skin concerns and make yourself feel good. It even goes beyond acne and highlights that you can overcome any insecurity and feel proud of who you are and how you look.

This simple, thought provoking clip, generated from a tirade of negativity has delivered only positivity. Rather ironic if you think about it.

Take pride in everything you are and all you aspire to become.

Visit Em’s YouTube channel, My Pale Skin, here.


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert