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You Are Beauty Gallery

This week we would like to share with an exclusive You Are Beauty Gallery of some amazing looks, exclusive to eye make-up designs, that we have come across this week. We have turned these into easy how to steps in creating the same look, whether it be identical or with your own unique spin on it.



How cool is this look. It’s kind of stained glass window meets dream catcher? The whirlwind of colours creates an optical illusion of stunning beauty. Using Powder Eye Shadows in Victim, Intense, Daemon, Sister and Sex. Carefully apply each Eye Shadow to the chosen section of your eye using our Eye Shadow Brush. The take Medium Pencil in S.O.P.H.I.E and begin to trace in the lines. The creamy texture will make easy bendable lines. (Original source)



Wow, I love this look. A glitter galaxy springs to mind. Take Powder Eye Shadow in Daemon and create a base around your inner eye then place Pure Pigment in Berber on top. Then take Powder Eye Shadows in Fledging and Sister, swirling the shades around each other. Sealing off with Pure Pigment in Static on top. Pure Pigment in Alluvium mixed with Sealing Gel against your upper lash line to find it off. Perfect! (Original source)



This animalistic look as fierce as the creature itself, and so simple to create. Begin with a base of Liquid Metal in Enrapture around the whole eye building up the brows and set with Powder Eye Shadow in Vernau and Servant on top. Take Precision Ink in Abyss and carefully create little lines for a leopard print effect. Add flicks of Illuminator in Glimmer against the black. (Original Source)


Hope you have enjoyed this weeks You Are Beauty Gallery why not send us in some looks so we can use them next week!


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