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Thinking of experimenting with some bold new colours this weekend but need some inspiration? We have collated some of this weeks best make-up looks sent in by our talented fans, check them out with guidelines on how to achieve their looks


I love her eyes in this one, the whirlwind of colours reminds me of a far out galaxy. Begin by taking Powder Eye Shadow in Sex and use this as a base on your lids and take it completely around the eye. Then apply Powder Eye Shadow in Imagine blending upwards. Then apply Powder Eye Shadow in Livid to the eye sweeping across going in the same motion as Sex and Imagine. Finish off with a flick using Precision Ink in Havoc.

These colours work so well together don’t you think? I adore how the lips and eyes compliment each other so well. For the eyes use Powder Eye Shadow in Servant and add a touch of Powder Eye Shadow in Intense around the socket of the eye, taking it right back creating a flick. Line your upper lash line with Precision Ink with Scribe and take it back following Intense. Lastly apply a coat of Lipstick in Magnetism.

Make Up By Leanne

How cool does this rainbow inspired eye design look? You will need to block the eye with different colours, blending them together to create an effortless effect. Start from the inner corners of the eyes and blend high, just below the eyebrows. For this look I recommend Powder Eye Shadow in Never for the blue then carry this through into a purple colour use Powder Eye Shadow in CanCan. Then use Burst followed lastly by Feint. You can add cute little dots to the eye by using Precision Ink in Scribe. For a similar funky eyebrow apply Medium Pencil in Tivitate.

How striking is this look? I love how the hair and make-up matches, she looks hot to the touch! Take bright vibrant Cream Blusher in Libido and cover this around your entire eye past the eyebrows and up to the bridge of your nose. Apply liquid Metal in Electrum to the inner corners of your eyes. Take Medium Pencil in S.O.P.H.I.E and smudge messily under your eyes. Then Take Precision Ink in Abyss and draw on your sculptured brows. Creating small lines to join up the eyes and brows. (Tip: If you find this difficult you can trace your design using our Angled Brush and Powder Eye Shadow in Obsidian) Finish off this look with False Eye Lashes No.16. 

Karla Powell Make-up Artist

We love Karla’s speckled lip. To recreate fill your lips with Lipstick in Pristine and line the top lip with Precision Ink in Abyss. Then take Precision Ink in Scribe to create the white dots, simple!

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks You Are Beauty Gallery, have fun experimenting with your own looks!

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