Christmas Make-Up Tips

Find out our Top 3 Christmas Make-Up Tips from the professionals!

On Christmas Day, do you always plan to make that extra bit of effort with your make-up, hair and outfit?
Then when it comes down to it there’s children running around you and tinsel in your hair at 7am
and you don’t want to spend hours getting ready?

Here are some top Christmas make-up tips to help your Christmas Day go without a blemish.

Christmas Make-Up Tips


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that caking on an extra layer of foundation is going to
equate to a more glam look. If you’re going to be near an open fire, helping in the kitchen or
running around with your little cousins then it’s just not practical.

Cleanse your skin as usual and apply your foundation mixed together with
your moisturiser. This is a particularly good idea if you like a
tipple or two as it will keep your skin hydrated.

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Christmas Make-Up Tips


What can be more festive than a red lip? If it goes with your Christmas outfit then a red lip is the quickest
way to get instant glam. A simple base and eye won’t take much of your time but as soon as your
lipstick is applied, you look like you’ve mastered a beautiful make-up in minutes. Partner with a lip pencil
to ensure you get a sharper edge and conceal around the edges if you have a little extra time!

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Check out our video on how to perfect a red lip line:


Glitter makes everything special, right? So, instead of following the trend and using glitter on the eyes,
why not use an iridescent or gold glitter as a cheek highlight? This is not for the faint hearted but if you feel
confident, we know you’ll nail it!

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What are your top tips? Will you be using any of our top tips this Christmas?


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Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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