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Whoosh! Femme Party At Shoreditch House

Shoreditch House – the one stop exclusive members club in East London that has a roof top pool, fabulous restaurant, Cowshed spa and bowling area [affectionately known as the biscuit tin] where on Sunday 17th January, Illamasqua National Make-up Artists Mika and Adam set up a station to create some funky looks at the party thrown by legendary DJ Jodie Harsh and cult diva [and host of Gay Bingo – one of the funniest nights I have ever attended] Johnny Woo.

Adam bought his alter ego Medusa out to play, with radical hair and full on gothic lip. Mika went for a gothic porcelain doll look with his staple navy blue lip. This, I am told, will be the Autumn Winter 2010 lip colour! You heard it here first!

I also grabbed a quick chat with Jodie who told me all about her fabulous wigs. Apparently, she only ever keep two at a time [I was surprised by this – I thought she would have a whole dressing room dedicated to them!] but they are imported from Las Vegas every few weeks!

The photos are courtesy of Kenny Campbell at KCTV.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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