Whitby Goth Festival: An Introduction By Julian Kynaston

Whitby Gothic Weekend was a HUGE influence for us here at Illamasqua when we
started out on our journey.

Its sense of community and the flamboyant parade of so many Alter Ego’s is
both beautiful and amazing.

This weekend we managed to meet up with many of those who featured in the
“Dark Love” book we worked on with photographer James Stroud (and yes
Emily from York if you’re reading this – we will do that shoot together!)

There is always too much to tell from the weekend but one thing worth
spreading the word on was a newish latex label called Lickorish Latex, not
only for their outfits but also for their really original latex accessories.
Take a look @ www.lickorishlatex.com

WGW is a great event to go see if you’ve never been before and if you do go
the next one is on Halloween weekend – take your alter ego!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert