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Today on Socialise we are joined by our newest Art Team member Zoe Peplow. Zoe has shared with us how she got working for Illamasqua and what her role as an Art Team member entails, as well as a ‘Get The Look’ tutorial on how to achieve her key/signature look. Zoe has lots to tell you about so I will pass over to her …

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How I got working for the brand:

Hi everyone! I’m Zoe, the newest member to Illamasquas art team. I’m

so excited to meet you all on my travels up and down the country!

I was first introduced to the brand during my degree at Bradford college of Arts

and Media where I studied Illamasquas beautiful imagery as part of my final year Major Project. Alex box’s phenomenal artistry skills, the incredibly pigmented products teamed with the brands overall ethos meant I soon became an Illamasqua addict!

In October 2012 I finally made it onto the Debenhams, Meadowhall team and began my training with the brand in December. I was incredibly lucky to have Illamasqua’s head trainer, Daniel, coach the team and at the end of my training I was so inspired I told him I couldn’t wait to become part of the Art Team! Back then it seemed like a crazy dream but 17 months later I had my chance to apply for the Brand Ambassadors role. I feel so lucky to be part of the Illamasqua family and to be able to inspire everyone else as much as I was when I was first introduced to the brand.


A day in the life of me!

From day to day my job is so different which is what I love so much about my role! Typically I will wake up needing a few more hours sleep, and force a coffee down before I start my makeup. I tend not to plan my looks, I just let my brushes decide which pots to dabble in when I sit at my makeup table. When travelling to other stores I always make sure I’m stocked up with lots of magazines to keep my trend knowledge up to date and plus the wifi is terrible on trains!



How to get my key look:

zoe 1

  1. Start by buffing a small amount of Emerge Cream Pigment all over the lid and socket, its water resistant formula will make sure your eye makeup stays in place all day long!
  2. With Illamasqua’s Blending Brush apply Beg Powder Blusher into and slightly above the socket and underneath the eyes, this will act as a great transitional colour. I love this colour as it makes the colour of my eyes stand out, any one with green eyes, prepare to be amazed!
  3. Blend Wolf  Powder Eye Shadow into the natural socket and underneath the eye, to add depth.
  4. Pile on the black using Powder Eye Shadow in Obsidian! I apply this right at the outer corner of the eye and blend up into the socket, and beneath the lash line.
  5. Press Furore Pure Pigment onto the lid for a beautiful neutral shimmer and finish with Infinity Gel Liner on the lid and water line.
  6. Buff Matte Primer all over the face to keep your foundation in place all day long. Use Rich Liquid Foundation for a full coverage, flawless base. I love to apply this with the Highlighter Brush for a seamless finish.
  7. Use White Light Skin Base Lift to highlight underneath the eyes and down the centre of the face, and to contour I love the warmth of Deep 2.
  8. Allure Powder Blusher finishes the skin off perfectly with a really beautiful golden shimmer and I always add a little Furore Pure Pigment to the tops of my cheekbones for added sparkle!
  9. Brow time! I like to apply my brows after my base as I feel the creaminess of the foundation really compliments the Eye Brow Cake and it teams together for the most incredibly defined brows! I use Sealing Gel at the outer end of my brow for extra brow power!
  10. I like to keep my lips really simple, as I always forget to top it up! I love to use Woo Lip Colouring Pencil all over the lips and Intimacy Lipgloss to finish it off. Add a pair of number 14 Lashes and you’re good to go!


A big thank you to Zoe for sharing this with us! Will any of you be recreating Zoe’s key look yourselves? If you do we would love to see a picture so #Illamasqua on Instagram! Also be sure to check out Zoe’s Instagram for more inspirational make-up looks!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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