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Welcome to Jade, our new PR Intern

  • What course are you studying at Bournemouth University?

Public Relations, currently in my 3rd year doing my placement within the Press Office at Illamasqua HQ!


  • What are you most excited about for the year ahead at Illamasqua?

I am really excited about being able to get hands on with things and experience what PR really is rather than reading it out of a text book. I love my course at university but sometimes it can be a bit too theory based so I am looking forward to putting the things I’ve learnt into practice and learning lots of new things. Of course, I’m also excited to be working in the world of make-up for a whole year, I feel like a child in a sweet shop!!


  • What’s your favourite Illamasqua product?

I have just discovered the Nail Varnish in Lament & I absolutely love it! It’s so Summery and just an all round gorgeous colour. I also like Pure Pigment in Incite, I love having dark eyes for a night out so this is perfect as it has a little sparkle too. Oh, and I really like the Illumine Oil in Pulse too. I like everything.

  • How would you describe your style?

I’m a bit boring when it comes to make-up at the moment but this is one of the reasons I’m so excited to be working with Illamasqua, I need a make-up shake-up! During the day I usually just go for a simple mascara eye, pinky cheek and a nude lip. On a night out I love either a really dark smokey eye with a nudish lip or a more simple eye with a bright pink or red lip. I look at people like Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham when it comes to beauty and fashion, they always seem to look flawless.


  • What do you love about beauty and make-up?

I just love how it makes you feel. Whether it’s going to work, going for lunch with the girlfriends or going out for the night, make-up just always completes me. I think it’s a confidence thing, I definitely wouldn’t go to a club without wearing make-up, I would feel naked! I love anything beauty related because it just always makes me feel that little bit better, there’s nothing better than getting home from work, having a long hot bubble bath, face mask, exfoliation, moisturise then pop some tan on. Bliss!


  • What’s your dream job?

I’m really unsure on what my dream job is, it changes every week. Definitely something within the PR/Marketing/Events industry, I love working hard on something, getting all worked up and stressed but then seeing the amazing end results.


  • Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 22 (almost 23), I have only just moved to London but before I lived in Bournemouth and then before that I lived in Plymouth. Before I started university I studied Beauty Therapy for 2 years and qualified as a Beautician. I love anything and everything that’s girly, pink or glittery. My bedroom is full of Cath Kidston, hearts, flowers & anything cute. But I’m not a total girl, I love festivals and the muddy sludgy side (not that I have ever been to a festival, but I want too!!). I once got asked to describe what kind of biscuit I’d be if I was one… I would describe myself as a chocolate Hobnob – Hobnob’s are really good for dunking into cups of tea; they’re a strong biscuit and I think that describes me well. I’m a pretty strong minded person and I’d choose a chocolate one over a plain because there is definitely a sweet side to me. I love life & believe in ‘working hard to play hard’!


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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