Vote For Your Favourite Blog!

Company magazine has launched a Best of the Blogosphere competition to get the nations vote on their top go-to blogs.

I am finding this particularly interesting that a magazine has lauded the world of blogging so openly considering the war of words that seemed to reach fever pitch over the Fashion weeks, recently.

Now, I am not going to wade in barking about a strong opinion one way or the other, except that to me these two elements can exist side by side, benefiting each other as opposed to being in ‘competition’. And it seems like Company magazine has taken a similar view point.

If I want the latest beauty news, I have my faithful beauty blogs that I will click on to inform me of whats happening where, and read honest, intelligent reviews.

If I want to see a collaboration between the creme de la creme of the beauty/hairdressing/fashion styling/nail artistry and photographic geniuses of the world I will open a magazine. If I want beautiful, exciting, innovative imagery and thought provoking, crisp and confident, financially backed journalism [I mean that in the best way possible – I mean, how many of us could afford to go to an idyllic island to review the latest spa or interview the likes of Megan Fox on her beauty habits?!] then I will look to the pages of a magazine.

The online world is a different medium, and it doesn’t mean that magazines are losing their relevancy, their role within my world – at least – is just shifting. They are my aesthetic pleasure.

There is an interesting post here from the British Beauty Blogger that I think sums up the debate nicely – if you haven’t read it, I suggest you do!

I am interested to hear your thoughts…

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert