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Vivienne Westwood & Joseph Corre Paralympic Closing Ceremony

Did any of you spot Vivienne Westwood and her son Illamasqua’s Brand Director, Joseph Corre during the Paralympic Closing ceremony last night proudly sporting Illamasqua make-up during their crusade?

We managed to grab a few minutes with Joe today to speak about their involvement:

“I was there because Vivienne asked me to help her pull off a stunt to reveal the ‘climate revolution’ banner that she had secretly printed on the inside of her dress.

Joe Rush and the Mutoid Waste Company had made all those incredible machines and it was really special to be part of the invasion on the pitch.


Vivienne’s character was Queen Boudicca and I played one of her warriors using all the blue face paint to resemble the ‘woad’ that was used historically. Anyway we managed to pull it off – the dress that is! – and Vivienne made her statement about the need for a ‘Climate Revolution’ something that I am very passionate about.”



Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert