Video Tutorials for Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday

Make Up Tutorials

Our South Trainer, Clare Lille, and her lovely mum, Joyce, joined us in Illamasqua HQ to film two make-up tutorials especially for Mothers Day. The two videos are full of tips and tricks for applying make-up for mature women and how to emphasise the correct areas of the face. This post will give you an insight into what to expect in the videos and a few extra tips along the way too…

Watch the full videos to find out which products Clare used!

Tutorial 1: Day

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It is important to avoid a matte finish on mature skin, “leaving skin with a dewy finish is far more youthful and makes the skin glow” says Clare. To achieve this, Clare mixed Skin Base Foundation with Satin Primer for a lighter coverage. As women age, the fine hairs on the face can become more visible, so to avoid this being emphasised when applying make-up, it is best to apply foundation by brushing downwards. For the skin, it is best to avoid over contouring, as facial features become more prominent and contouring can make the face look gaunt. Instead opt for a soft blusher to make the cheeks look fuller.

Day collage

Watch the full video here:

Tutorial 2: Night

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Darkening up the eyes for a night time look draws attention to them, however, it is important to know which areas to focus on in order for them to pop. Due to the shape of the skull as we age the eyelids begin to sink inwards, to prevent from exaggerating this, the inner crease should be kept lighter than the outer crease. When applying eye shadow it is also best to avoid shimmery shades, stick to a matte shadow or one that contains tiny flecks of glitter.

night collage

Watch the full video here:

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We are also running special complimentary* Mothers Day transformations on the 13th, 14th and 15th March. *Book yours, get hers free.

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Have a lovely weekend to you and all mums!



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