To teal or not to teal…

… that is the question Illamasqua asks YOU!

Illamasqua’s Creative Director, Alex Box has always wanted to create a teal lipstick  that would shake things up in the day-to-day red lip world. Finally with Illamasqua’s new collection, Human Fundamentalism, Alex got her wish.

Discussing new Lipstick in Apocalips, she advises, “Grab this colour with both hands, teal is the new red. It’s the opposite on the colour wheel and so the eye is tricked into accepting this beautiful shade as totally wearable. It looks fresh, is full of intrigue, makes you feel like a rebel without a cause and a person who is saying ‘this is for me, I am what I am’.”

I wasn’t too sure if a teal lip would suit me at first. I’m usually a pink or orange kinda girl. But with Alex’s persuasion, I went for it. I was not disappointed. At first walking around Soho on the day of our press launch, I was wondering why people were looking at me and I had a few double takes! Then the penny dropped, they were intrigued by Apocalips. “This is great!” I thought. It takes confidence to wear as a few people did stare, but something about it gave me even more confidence and made me walk (strut) even taller.

That's me on the right!


“The confidence you get from doing something different for yourself is both infectious and electrifying, it might sound like a grand claim, but this kind of confidence is infectious and that empowers others to go out and take a risk… Girl power!!!” Alex Box.

Even the beauty press are falling head over heels for our red lip alternative. Glamour.com‘s Beauty Editor, Rebecca Cox claims she’s “fallen in love with the teal lipstick” whilst British Beauty Blogger, Jane Cunningham tells readers to “watch the teal lipstick, Apocalips, fly off the shelves”.

With our new Lipstick in Apocalips already being the second best seller from Human Fundamentalism on www.illamasqua.com, we’re ecstatic make-up lovers everywhere are  stepping out of the box, taking Illamasqua’s advice and daring to be different.

Would you rock a teal lip?

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert