Time for Two this Mother’s day

My mum has always been a fan of make-up, so you can imagine her sheer delight when her daughter got a job with Illamasqua! It’s an ongoing joke amongst her friends, that if the house was burning down, she would reach for her lipstick collection to save first. My nan was exactly the same, I never saw her not looking her best and she’d never have dreamt of leaving the house without her face on.

Two years ago, I booked my mum and I onto a “Time for Two” course at the Illamasqua School of Make-Up Art. Educator Daniel Sallstrom took us through the process of creating a make-up look of our choice, focusing on the areas we needed the most help with. For mum and I it was how to achieve a flawless base and a stronger eye than we’d usually wear.

We had so much fun and of course we had to head to Soho for a couple of happy hour cocktails and show off the end result.

Since our course, we’ve both taken away our top tips and incorporate them in our day to day make-up regime.

My mum is still raving about using Cream Pigment in Emerge (peach) under her eyes to brighten the delicate eye area. “I’d look like a panda without it.” She’s also changed the process of her routine; “I now apply my eye make-up BEFORE my base. One small change made such a huge difference and it’s hard to adapt after so many years of doing the same old thing! Daniel taught us to leave your eyes open slightly when applying the eye shadow to the socket too. I automatically used to close my eyes, then wonder why I couldn’t see what I was doing!”

For me, the best bit of advice has to be, to use a Highlighter Brush to apply my Skin Base Foundation. Not only does it leave a more even flawless finish which seems to last a lot longer throughout the day, but it’s also much more hygienic than using my fingers. I’ve always had spot prone skin, but since switching to using a brush (and washing it regularly), my skin’s much clearer.

If your mum is anything like mine, an Illamasqua “Time For Two” course is the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. You’ll get to spend quality time with her and you’ll both leave with make-up tips which will last you a lifetime.

To book a “Time For Two” course at your local counter, call 08
We have lots to offer your mother’s for this special day, check out our website for all details www.illamasqua.com.

As you can see, my mum likes to unleash her alter ego occasionally… (sorry mum!!)

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert