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The Illamasqua Distinction In Make-up Artistry Awards Live Final

On Saturday the 13th of October 17 Make-up lovers, Students, Professionals and Illamasqua own Make-up artists competed against each other in the 2012 LIVE FINALS!

Illamasqua’s Flagship store Beak street welcomed 4 different categories into the School of Make-up artistry to compete against each other showing of their make-up skills and creativity to the esteemed judging panel. The first category to to compete was Non-Professionals showing how passion for make-up is more then just buying:

Anastasjia Bondarenko

James Williams

Kristiana Zaula

Ryo Love

We then saw the Student category pull out all the stops showing off their make up techniques and creative passion:

Jess Reid

Lana Nelson

Loriann Allison

Nadine Chapman

Next up was the Professional category showing of there wealth of experience through their creations:

Alexis Day

Carina O’Brien

Natalie Sharp

Paddy McGurgan

And the final category was the Illamasqua Team who stepped up to the plate and showed everyone what they are made of:

Amy Atkins (London Flagship Store)

Emma Worral (Leeds Store)

Billie Bilandzija (Illamasqua Croatia)

Kat Sykes (Illamasqua HQ)

Laura Brady (London Flagship store)

Each Category had 1 hour and 30 minuets create the final look and 5 minuets each to present to the judges.

Now it is your time to vote for your favourite, all you have to do is ‘LIKE’ your favourite creation and this will go towards the make-up artist final mark. The winner will be will announce on the 23rd of October! Click on the links below to Vote now:

Non Professional:



Illamasqua Team:

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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