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In October 2012, 16 finalists battled it out to become the winner of their category in The Distinction In Make-up Artistry Awards. Lori Anne Allison was Illamasqua’s Student winner and won a 2 week internship at Illamasqua’s Head Office. 10 months on from the competition I caught up with Lori Anne to see what she has been up to……..

How did it feel to win the competition?

I felt very overwhelmed when I found out I won as I never even expected to even be accepted as a finalist. It meant everything to me to win and I put everything into winning my category.


What have you been up to since the competition?

Since winning the competition I’ve done a few make up demonstrations for students at James Watt college and also was asked to be a judge in their avant-garde competition. I’m going to do my HND in make up artistry this year to finish off my qualifications. I’ve also been accepted as a finalist in Scotlands Top Make up Artist competition which will be held live in Glasgow in August.

What would be your advice for anyone entering the competition this year?

My advice would be to research your look extensively once you receive the brief from Illamasqua, and practice, practice, practice, especially to get your look done in the given time scale.

Why did you apply for the competition?

I applied for the competition when I saw it advertised on Facebook, I had already seen the previous years winner (Kelly Odell) and I was impressed with her work so I thought why not? Also my lecturers had pushed me towards entering.


What did you enjoy most about the live competition?

I enjoyed being in London for the 1st time and meeting all of the Illamasqua judges, especially Alex Box as I follow her work. The whole buzz of the live competition was great although very nerve wracking but I’m glad I took part. Thank you to Illamasqua for crowning me as their student winner!

Thank you Lori Anne! If you would like to enter and have the chance of being in the live final (now being held at the home of BAFTA 195 Piccadilly) click here to find out more information. Last entries have to be in by August 30th.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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