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The Distinction In Make-up Artistry Awards – The winners interview – Rona Skuodas

In October 2013, 16 finalists battled it out to become the winner of their category in The Distinction In Make-up Artistry Awards. Rona Skuodas was Illamasqua’s student winner. Part of Rona’s prize was to work in Head office for 2 weeks as an Intern with Myself (Josephine – Events Manager) and Spob (Head of Professional Development). We caught up with Rona to see what she has been up to since the competition…..
How did it feel to win the competition?
It felt incredible, and very overwhelming. I vividly remember hearing Spob’s voice down the phone telling me the result, and I simply could not believe my ears. The level of competition last year was so unbelievably high, I felt privileged to have even been shortlisted.

What have you been up to since the competition?
I’ve been very busy building a portfolio. I would say that The Distinction In Make-up Artistry Awards gave me a great deal of confidence in my own abilities and make-up skills, but perhaps more importantly – it also gave potential collaborators assurance in my talent and creativity thus filling up my diary with plenty of exciting shoots. These wierd and wonderul briefs have ranged from painted tattoos to parisian poodles!
What would be your advice for anyone entering the competition this year?
I cannot urge you enough, just do it! It’s a life changing opportinity and you really have nothing to lose.
Why did you apply for the competition?
I had just graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Edinburgh College of Art, and was on the hunt for a fast-track way to further my make-up career. So, after a quick Google search of make-up career opportunities, I stumbled across DIMUAA and my heart was set.
What did you enjoy most about the live competition?
If I’m honest, the day was a bit of a blur, what with all the stress and excitement! But I would have to say, my favourite moment was getting the opportunity to meet Alex Box at our final presentations. She is a huge inspiration to me.
What was it like working in Head office for 2 weeks?

Oh it was a dream come true! I loved every second of it, from Marketing and PR, to Visual Merchandising and the Events Team. Each Department provided a new challenge and a new learning experience. It was a wonderful first-hand insight to the industry, and into a brand I feel very honoured to have been a part of. Thank-you Illamasqua!


Feeling inspired?! You can apply to enter our Distinction in Make Up Artistry Awards here – What are you waiting for??


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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