The Amnesty goes to Australia

Australia has been loving the start of the Illamasqua Make-Up Amnesty, the cult beauty event that wowed the UK last year. People have been bringing in the Make-Up that they don’t want anymore and getting a 25% discount on brand spanking new Illamasqua pieces, to ring in the New Year in style!
Frances Cutri, Make-Up artist on the Sydney City counter, says that most of the Make-Up that has been brought in is hardly used, but their owners had just fallen out of love with those pieces. They’ve been trading in their old and unused Make-Up that had long been lost in the bottom of their Make-Up bags for new Illamasqua pieces that they can love and experiment with, like eye-poppingly bright Lipsticks and Nail Varnishes.
 Pure Pigment in Ore

The most popular items that the Australian followers have been trading in for include the Liquid Metals palettes, Pure Pigments in Android and Ore for smokey eyes with a sexy twist, and the Bronzing duo in Glint/Burnish to enhance and highlight golden skin.
 Lipstick in Blaze 
Orange Lipsticks are also proving to be very popular, Blaze in particular is winning the hearts of the Australian customers, as is the desire for hot pink gloss like the Intense Lipgloss in Petulant.

Powdered Metal in Ether is burnishing all the sun-kissed skin on display as it’s perfect for adding a subtle shimmer to the body as well as the face.

Cream Blushers are proving another summer staple, with Dixie, Rude and Sob flying out of the new MYER counters. 

 Nail Varnish in Caress

The Nail Varnishes are also hotting up the Make-Up collections of Illamasqua’s Australian followers with Collide, Insanity, Obsess, Caress and Alarm drawing in the Nail fans. Smash in all its glory as a full on acid apple green is lining up to be the favorite this season.

It looks like it’s going to be a bright, bright season ahead…

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert