The Alter Ego Gallery

We’re always inspired by the looks that you, our fans, share with us at Illamasqua HQ! To celebrate the creative, daring and individual looks you’ve been creating, we want to highlight them here in our alter ego gallery…

 Minx’s make-up is creative and colour-true! To design a similar pattern, begin with Powder Eye Shadow in Sister, our sunshine yellow, matt shadow. With this statement shade, build a defined base for your look. Pure white Powder Eye Shadow in Sex is great to work alongside Sister as it offers a strong contrast. Medium Pencil in S.O.P.H.I.E can be used to add to the intricacy of the design – Minx has created a lightening bolt effect! S.O.P.H.I.E can then be used in the waterline to set the look.

We love Ryan Graham’s gothic, majestic look here! To recreate, rock Lipstick in Apocalips for an intense pout and pair with Nail Varnish in Muse, our deep teal gloss, for lips and nails that will be sure to make a statement! For striking smoky eyes try Powder Eye Shadow in Burst with a little Powder Eye Shadow in ObsidianPowder Blusher in Intrigue is great to add highlight and to give definition along the brow bone.

Beautylish presents us with this classic, vintage pin-up look! Begin with Lipstick in Box for piercing red lips. Precision Ink in Abyss can be then be used to draw a striking wing and finished with Masquara in Raven, creating an intense, feline eye! Complete the look with a powerful brow, try using Eye Brow Cake in Motto, a favourite at Illamasqua HQ.

ΊριςΓεωργιάδου look radiates an artistic and imaginitive flare! For luscious lips like this, begin with Lipstick in Underworld as a base and apply a coat of Intense Lipgloss in Fierce over the lips for extra gloss! If you are feeling extra creative you can mirror these fabulous brows with ultra defined Precision Ink in Abyss.

Achieve the look of our Gold Freak winner; Chelsey Williams! Liquid Metal in Electrum is versatility defined, use to shape the brows and add highlight to the cheeks. Apply Powder Eye Shadow in Sex on the bridge of the nose and for graphic highlights under the lower lash line. Powder Eye Shadow in Obsidian is used to define and show contrast.

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We hope this week’s Alter Ego Gallery has sparked your inspiration for the coming weekend!


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert