Summer Sale Favourites: Chloe, Josephine & Nicola

Here at Illamasqua HQ we are amongst the many excited about this season’s sale.

Here are some of Chloe, Josephine & Nicola’s favourites:

Picture 2

Chloe loves to wear Nail Varnish in Bacterium for a pearly opal finish on her nails. This intriguing mix of green, beige, brown and silver makes Bacterium a one of a kind shade and a great match for any outfit. It’s richly pigmented, smooth and reflects light beautifully.

Picture 3

Nicola excentuates her blue eyes with a two-tone purple eye look created with Cream Pigments. She applies Depravity with her fingers as a base colour to brighten the eye, and then buffs Mould into the crease with an Eye Shadow Brush to shape. For a night time alternative, be sure to try out these colours over Precision Gel Liner, a popular technique used amongst our Key Artists.


Josephine enjoys experimenting with Precision Ink in Scribe with a small dot underneath the eye. This acts as a focus point, drawing attention to her eyes and long lashes that are achieved with Masquara.

What favourites have you picked out this Summer Sale?

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert