Street Style: Vintage Edition

Street Style

Vintage Edition

For our next stop in the street style series we headed to Brick Lane to focus on vintage style and the make-up looks that surround it. We visited vintage stores and market stalls to speak to those behind the scenes as well as their customers. If you missed last months post which gave you a sneak peak into the Illamasqua Christmas party, have a read here.





We spotted Emma, a fashion marketing student, out and about in Brick Lane looking effortlessly chic, also shooting a street style post for uni. Her classic make-up look stood out a mile off so we had to stop and ask her a couple of questions about her style. To recreate her make-up look we suggest starting off with Skin Base Foundation for a flawless base, Eye Brow Cake in Thunder for these perfectly groomed brows, Precision Ink in Abyss for long lasting, water resistant flicks and finally finishing off with Lipstick in Box – a classic red.

What would you say inspires your look?

Probably pinterest.

Would you say there are any celebrities in particular?

Alexa Chung

If you could only use three beauty products what would they be?

Foundation, red lipstick and liquid eye liner.

Niki & Pomme

niki and pomme

We spotted friends Niki (left) and Pomme (right) from Amsterdam both rocking a statement lip whilst shopping on Brick Lane. Niki’s berry lipstick is a popular colour at the moment and reminds us of our Glamore Lipstick in Glissade. Pomme’s cheeks look beautifully blushed, try our Powder Blusher in Chased to  recreate this look and on the lips our Intense Lipgloss in Fierce would be great if you’re after a similar bright purple lip!

What would you say inspires your look?

N: The 60’s and 70’s. Marilyn Monroe is one of my idols and someone I look to for style inspiration. Mad men is a really inspirational source for me.

What would you say is your number 1 make-up product?

N: It’s really funny, we had a conversation about this yesterday.

P: Yeah that’s the main thing that Niki wears, always a lipstick

N: Yeah that’s my mark.

Would you say the style is very different here to Amsterdam?

P: In Amsterdam you have to be very unique and hip but everybody dresses the same as they shop in the same stores. But here everybody has their own style and they do whatever they want to do and wear what they want to wear. Here one day someone wear all black and the next day they feel colourful, whereas in Amsterdam if you have a style you stick to it. In England everyone all young people aim to be unique whereas in Amsterdam they try but all dress the same.



Whilst wandering around an indoor vintage market we chatted to Jemma who owned her own vintage stall…

Tell us about your stall...

Well it’s vintage, we have a lot of 90’s stuff at the moment but I love the 80’s as well.

What’s your favourite piece?

At the moment a 90’s polka dot brown dress that would like nice with a cream polo neck underneath.

What do you love about vintage stuff?

I just love the uniqueness and that every item has a story and has been somewhere else and has lived with someone else. I love that it’s second hand.

In terms of make-up, what would you say is your look that compliments your style?

For the 90’s you have to go for a grungy, dark lip. For me it changes, at the moment I focus on the eyes, a subtle day-time smokey eye with a natural lip.



We also spotted Katya from Italy out on Brick Lane and were keen to find out more about her look. As she chooses to shave off her hair she thinks it is important to make a statement with her make-up which we love! A bright red lip is an essential in Katya’s make up bag and we think Lipstick in Maneater is a good match for hers! The brows help to structure her face beautifully whilst still remaining natural, our NEW Precision Brow Gels are great for achieving either a natural brow or are easily buildable if you’re after something a little more intense.

What inspires your make-up look?

I don’t like having hair so I like lipstick that draws more attention to my face, I love red lipstick and also wear a lot of red.

What inspires your style?

I change up my style a lot as my wardrobe varies. One day I will wear more casual clothes such as jeans and boots, the next I’m vintage and the next I’ll dress hip hop.

Gennaro (Manager at Blitz)


Being one of the most well-known stores on Brick Lane, Blitz is a must for vintage lovers! We met up with Gennaro to find out a little bit more about being the manager there.

What do you love about managing a vintage store?

Well we get stock in each day so it’s exciting because with vintage items everything is so different. No two pieces are the same, we discover a piece of history with each new item we receive.

What are your favourite pieces that come in?

I am a denim collector. All the denim from the 1950’s/60’s I love. We also get old designer clothing which is cool.



We also spoke to Margherita who worked for Blitz who rocked a subtle orange-red lip to match her outfit, try Glamore Lipstick in Soaked for a satin finish similar. She also used glitter subtly around her eyes which looked great in person, try one of our Pure Pigments for this!

What do you love about working in a vintage store?

Well I love meeting new people and of course I love the clothing here, they’re not the kind of clothes you find on the high street.

Are there any celebrities or anyone you look to for inspiration?

I really like Freda Kahlo but I don’t know if I take inspiration from her. If I like something I just wear it.

In terms of make-up what are your favourite products?

Lipstick and mascara, that’s all I wear.



We found Mariko looking so elegant in her vintage buys rocking a simple but pretty make-up look. Her go to product is liquid liner like our Precision Ink in Abyss. For the girly-pink lip Mariko’s lipstick looks very similar to our Glamore Lipstick in Kitsch.

Where do you find inspiration for your style?

I love vintage 80’s and 20’s so Brick Lane is perfect!

In terms of make up, what is your favourite piece?

Liquid eye liner.

If you could create a look with only three products what would you choose?

Liquid eye liner, a bright popping lip colour and some blush.

In terms of fashion, what is your favourite thing to wear?

I love dresses, I don’t really own any pants. So heels and a colourful/floral dress!



We had to stop Nina before leaving Brick Lane, rocking the classic vintage style! She opted for an orange toned lipstick which suited her beautifully, if you’re after a similar colour we’d suggest Lipstick in Liable. For when Nina does wear a flick our Precision Gel Liner if perfect for creating a long-lasting, intense black line.

You look like you love vintage style. What do you love about it?

I just think it’s really glamorous, in the 40’s and 50’s people made more of an effort than they do now so that’s why I dress this way.

The flicks and red lip, is that your classic day-to-day look?

Yes. Not the flicks so much if I’m working but a red lip always!

Do you ever try any other looks or do you tend to stick to this classic look?

Not really, sometimes I try pink but I get halfway through the day and decide I don’t like it so take it off.

Are there any celebrities or people around you that inspire you?

Rita Hayworth, people like that. People from the 40’s not necessarily anyone now.

Thank you to everyone we saw and those who took part!




If you are into vintage style and fashion we suggest checking out the ‘Fashion on a Ration’ exhibition that is currently being held at the Imperial War Museum, London until the 31st August. Here you can learn more about how at how fashion survived and even flourished under the strict rules of rationing Britain in the 1940’s.

Read more about the exhibition here.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 16.32.38

(Image: IWM)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this special vintage edition of street style. What or where would you like us to do next?



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Govinder Rayt

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