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We headed to Carnaby Street and surrounding areas for this month’s Street Style post to focus on summer make-up and fashion trends! Continue reading to see who we met out and about and some top summer make-up tips from one of our Colour Creatives…




We spotted fashion blogger, Yanin out on Carnaby Street. Check out her Instagram for trendy fashion inspiration! She was rocking a flawless bronzed look with bold brows and nude lips. Try one of our Bronzing Duos to fake a gorgeous summer glow! Precision Brow Gel is perfect for adding definition to your brows and is completely buildable, suitable for if you’re drawing individual hairs or prefer a bold brow. Yanin’s nude lipstick reminded us of our Lipstick in Bare if you’re looking for something similar.

Which is your number 1 beauty product?


What inspires your make-up look?

I don’t tend to wear much make up so anything natural that is easy to apply so I can wuickly leave the house.That’s why rbonzer is my favourite because I can use it on my eyes, cheekbones etc. I like multi-tasking products.

What about your style, where do you get inspiration?

I get inspiration from everything: movies, eras, music, books and Tumblr – that’s a massive inspiration source!

In summer do you tend to change your beauty routine?

Yeah, in summer I’ll go for something quite light, whereas in winter I’ll opt for a dark lip.  In the winter I go purple based and now I’m wearing peachy tones and nudes.



Also shopping on Carnaby was Omee rocking feline flicks and a dark nude lip. Try our Precision Gel Liner with a Fine Liner Brush and find your perfect nude using our Nude Finder! We think Omee looks gorgeous in this warmer shade, similar to our Glamore Lipstick in Minx.

What inspires your look?

I love gothic, I wear a lot of black and tend to go for a more grungy look.

In the summer, how do you change up your style?

Blue jeans instead of black! And maybe add some white clothing.

If you could only wear three beauty products daily, which would you choose?

BB cream, eye liner and lipstick.




We loved Ashumi’s summer style and suede skirt! To recreate her go to look use our Precision Ink in Abyss for long-lasting winged liner, Masquara and one of our Glamore Lipsticks for a soft satin finish. You can also take a read of her blog here.

Where do you get your make-up inspiration from?

Bloggers and vloggers, they’re like my go to. I just go on YouTube and try to copt my favourite beauty gurus.

What is your go to look?

Winged liner, mascara, blusher and then I just change the lipstick colour

For summer, which colours are you loving?

Coral is my go to in summer. In winter I’ll wear berries and reds.

Any fashion trends for summer that you are particularly loving?

Suede skirts! The whole 70’s look.

Summer and Haku



Summer and Haku were doing a spot of shopping on Oxford St when we spotted them. Both girls were loving a glittery eye for the summer weather, try our Pure Pigments dusted over the eyes and use Furore over the cheekbones for a gorgeous summer glow.

Where do you get inspiration for your looks?

Haku: Instagram, I follow street fashion type ones. Also magazines and friends, I just wear what I feel like each season.

Summer: I follow fashion designers for inspiration,

For summer what trends are you liking?

Haku: I’m wearing more white and dresses

What about make-up, what will you be wearing over the summer months?

Haku: I’ve started wearing more sparkly and glittery products. We follow YouTube and artists like Michelle Phan.

Summer: I’m loving glitter too. In the winter I was wearing heavy make up but now it’s summer I want to wear sunscreen so I’ve made my make up more natural.

Ilil and Zainab


We spotted Zainab wearing our Lipstick in Bare out on Oxford St! Ilil opted for a dark lip, try Glamore Lipstick in Vampette for similar deep berry shade.

In the summer, what do you change about your make-up?

Zainab: More shimmer. I also change from a matte foundation so a sheer texture

Ilil: The only thing I really change is my lipstick colour, in the summer I’ll wear orange, red and pinks

Where do you find inspiration for your looks?

Ilil: There’s not one specific person, I see a lot of people and then merge them all together. I like the way Kim K has her make-up!

Zainab: It changes depending on the occasion really.

Sureez and Tinasha


This lovely pair were both wearing our Lipstick in Salacious when we spotted them on Oxford Street having just been to purchase it in Selfridges!

Which summer trends have you noticed that you love?

Sureez: I really love the boho style, lots of fringing and lightweight fabrics.

Tinasha: I’m loving the colour schemes out at the moment and pastel colours all being worn together.

And what about make-up trends?

Sureez: I love my sparky stuff and wear pinks and reds all year round.

Tinasha: Bold lip colours and a nice winged liner.

In summer do mix up textures of your make up?

Sureez: Oh yeah, I go for a lighter coverage during the summer months.

Tinasha: In the summer I’ll just use a light concealer over my face with some powder because I get more oily in the sun.

If you could only choose one make-up product to use through the summer, what would it be?

Tinisha: Bronzer!

Sureez: Mascara, concealer and bronzer. I can’t choose one!



Frankie (right) from our Beak Street has some top tips for summer make up:

“The NEW Gels are perfect for summer! We’ve got Gel Sculpt in Silhouette which is perfect for adding a little bit of warmth, then we have Gel Colours (image below) which can be worn on the lips, eyes and cheeks which just add a sheer hint of colour. If you want something a little bit more dewy you can go for a Cream Blusher (my favourite are Dixie and Rude).”

Which are your favourite summer lipsticks?

Scandal with Lip Colouring Pencil in Power, or you use powder pencil with Lipgloss in Artifice. Glamore Lipstick in Vendetta looks amazing, especially with tanned skin. Glamore Lipstick in Soaked, our deepest orange with a soft satin finish for a summer time look. 

Cream products such as Gleam are perfect for adding a summer glow.”


Thank you to all the lovely ladies who stopped to talk to us.

What are you favourite products for summer? Tag us in your looks on Instagram and Twitter using #illamasqua



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