Street Style: Spitalfields! 5th November 2014

Hi everyone,

So this week we headed back to one of our favourite areas of London, this time to check out some more local markets. On our walk from Petticoat Lane we spotted more of the intricate street art that Shoreditch is famous for. IMG_3075

Our destination was Old Spitalfields Market as we knew that Brick Lane’s neighbour would present a great style spotting opportunity. The market is sheltered, so is great for Winter shopping and is home to a range of restaurants and shops as well as stalls that vary depending on the day of your visit.


We visited on a Thursday which is when the stall’s play host to antiques and vintage fashion. So whether you want to grab yourself a one-off piece or you just want to soak up some inspiration, we’d recommend making a trip on this day.


Christmas decorations adorn the glass roof on the outer section of the market and offer a stunning view of Christ Church, Spitalfields.IMG_3011

Sofia’s amazing hairstyle caught our attention while walking through the market, and her self-titled ‘retro street’ style would be the perfect phrase to sum it up. For her ‘retro street’ style, Sofia told us that she takes inspiration from both music and places that she travels to.


The one product she couldn’t live without is mascara while the product she’d love to have is a permanent eye brow product. As the weather here in London takes a rainy turn for the worst, smudging our eyebrows off is the last thing we want! While it’s not quite permanent, mixing our Sealing Gel with an Eye Brow Cake, comes pretty close. It’s long-wearing and will prevent any eyebrow disasters come rain or shine.

IMG_3027Follow Sofia on Instagram here.

We were loving Louise’s monochrome ensemble and especially liked the way she had broken it up with a bold blue belt. We were delighted to hear that Louise was a fan of our Lipsticks and owns our matte black shade, Pristine.IMG_3018

Louise’s colour of choice the day we met her was a purply-red shade that you could imitate using Lipstick in Vampette. Her favourite thing about makeup is it’s versatility: “you can change it so many times and completely transform if you want to go for a different look”.

Next we spotted Laura who was browsing the market stalls when we found her.  She was sporting a bright red lip that she says she loves to pair with a black eyeliner for a classic winning combo. If this is your go-to look too then we’d recommend Precision Ink in Abyss and Lipstick in Maneater for a match made in heaven.IMG_3060

We then asked Laura what she loves most about makeup: “it saves your life most mornings” she laughed, “it’s a good confidence booster.”

If she could invent a new product, Laura decided she’d create a instant bronzing powder for an all-year round glow without having to fake-tan.


Lea was looking cool with her black bowler hat so we stopped her to chat about fashion. She revealed that she really admires vintage fashion so was certainly in the right place. She takes inspiration from what she sees others wearing around uni and is loving bold colours for the Autumn; who says bold shades are just for Summer?


During the day Lea prefers a chilled look but if she goes out in the evening she likes to make a statement with her eyes by using eyeliner and mascara. We’d recommend these as staples in your collection so check out our blacker than black Precision Gel Liner here and our lash-building Masquara here.

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So will you be taking a trip to Spitalfields after this week’s post? Let us know in the comments! Keep an eye out for us on our adventures around the UK, it could be your chance to be featured in the next post!



Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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