Street Style: Brighton Part 2! 17th December 2014

Street Style

  Welcome back to part two of our Street Style in Brighton! If you missed the first post check it out here.

The first person we met on our visit to the seaside was Cat, we instantly spotted her dark red lip and staple winged eye liner that she can’t live without! She has used and loved our Precision Ink in Abyss which is long lasting and waterproof, perfect for these windy cold months. If Cat could create a new make up product it would be a mood lipstick (remember the rings we all had all those years ago?) and we completely agree with her, how awesome would that be?! But to recreate Cat’s lipstick look, we suggest our Glamore Lipstick in Vampette. We asked Cat what it was she liked most about make-up, she said she loves how everyone can wear it and it doesn’t matter what your size and shape like with fashion, it’s less discriminatory and there’s more freedom to express yourself. Illamasqua are totally with you on being able to express yourself!

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Whilst wandering around the lanes we met Jordan, check our her flawless base! To recreate this look use our Hydra Veil followed by Skin Base Foundation for a natural dewy finish. Jordan’s perfectly symmetrical eyebrows really frame her face, use our Eye Brow Cake with an Angled Brush to create your own enviable brows! Jordan went for a minimalistic look on her eyes for college, recreate thin flicks with Precision Gel Liner and a Fine Eye Liner Brush.




We love Ava’s fresh faced, natural look with her rosy cheeks and defined cheekbones. Use our Sculpting Duo for a defined look, with buildable coverage you can create a natural look such as Ava’s or if you prefer a strong contoured look add a little more product at a time until you reach your desired contoured look. Finish off with a light pink blusher such as our Powder Blusher in Naked Rose to the apples of your cheeks for an easy winter day-to-day look!




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Make-up Advisor Abbie was shopping near the seafront, she loves how you can create a wide range of looks using make up. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t have a bronzed glow, try our Bronzing Duo in Glint/Solar for a beautifully bronzed look like Abbie. Add a touch of colour to your lips using Intense Lipgloss in Belladonna, we love Abbie’s subtle pink lip against her tanned skin. Abbie has kept her eyes simple with eyeliner and Mascara, try our Masquara in Raven to darken and lengthen your lashes.




If you’re knew to the Brighton scene we’d highly recommend taking a wander around the maze that is the Lanes. Full of cafes, restaurants and shops there really is something for everyone!




We obviously had to visit Brighton Pier on our travels too! You’ll find people milling about the famous landmark even in this dreary weather.



 We hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-series in Brighton! Next weeks post will cover the best looks of 2014, we’d love to know your favourites so please let us know if there are any looks in particular you’d like us to go into more detail!



Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert