Street Style: Brick Lane! 3rd September 2014

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This week we took a trip to Brick Lane, famous for its cool and edgy vibe; it’s legendary markets; and its award-winning curry houses!


If art is your thing then I couldn’t recommend Brick Lane enough. Galleries such as Whitechapel Art Gallery (located next to Aldgate East Tube station) take residence in the area, but you can admire the creativity of street artists and art in the area without even stepping inside.



IMG_2130 IMG_2127

Strolling down the street you will encounter an amazing range of creations including a particularly humorous painting of the queen in a snapback and Louis Vuitton scarf!

IMG_2132 IMG_2133 IMG_2142 IMG_2144

To make the most of your trip to Brick Lane, opt for visiting on a Sunday as this is when the full market is open.


Brick Lane is vintage shop galore but is also worth visiting for the food! The aforementioned curry houses are renowned for being some of the tastiest around. However, you are not limited in your choice: at the weekend a food market is open where you can sample delacacies from all around the world. The street is also famous for its Beigels (bagels) so they’re worth a try too if you can fit it all in!


At the weekends, film screenings are often shown as well as other events that you’re likely to hear about then and there so it’s great if you’re feeling spontaneous! Music shop, Rough Trade, is good to visit, even if it is just for their cool photo booth! They often hold events in the evening such as gigs.


Up first in this series of street style spots was Wilma who was on her way to meet her mum for lunch. She was wearing a beautiful combination of eye shadows with a peachy pink on her lids and a blue under her lower lashline. You could recreate with Powder Eye Shadows in Succumb and Victim.


I loved Wilma’s idea for a new makeup product: an Ombré lipstick. In the mean time we’ll have to stick to combining two colours; we’re loving the combination of Kontrol and Posture which you can buy in a bundle for this very purpose!


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I found Sam wandering down Brick Lane, shopping for some new shoes. It was her glossy red lips that grabbed my attention. It came as no surprise that she chose red as the shade she’d wear if she could only wear one for the rest of her life! We suggest recreating Sam’s glossy red pout with Intense Lipgloss in Touch.

IMG_2149 IMG_2150

Discussing makeup inspiration, Sam loves looking at blogs and other people in the street for ideas: “just here today walking down the street, I’ve got some ideas”. She likes how makeup can “lift” your natural beauty and enhance your features.


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I then found Olivia who was making a statement with her clothes and with her brows! She too, said she takes inspiration from other people in the street as well as blogs.


The one thing Olivia couldn’t live without is her eyebrow kit and the thing she likes most about makeup is “getting technical and using brushes”! If you want to get technical with your brows like Olivia, check out our Eye Brow Cake and Sealing Gel for long-lasting wear and apply with our Angled Brush. Or why not try our new Precision Brow Gel?

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Carmina’s bold lashes caught my eye, they were definitely the feature of her look. If, like me, you are not usually a false-lashes-in-the-day kinda girl then you might take inspiration from Carmina in keeping the rest of your makeup simple and making your lashes the highlight of your look. Create a flawless base with Skin Base Foundation and set with Loose Powder. For lengthened and volumised lashes like Carmina’s opt for False Eyelashes in No. 19.


Carmina loves that makeup allows you to “be anybody you want to be”, something we at Illamasqua live by – we’re all about creating an alter-ego with your makeup! Gel eyeliner is Carmina’s product of choice when asked what she couldn’t live without; our Precision Gel Liner would be perfect for her!

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Brick Lane was a lot of fun so we hope you enjoyed reading about our adventure there and feel inspired to take a visit yourself! You’re guaranteed to get some ideas for a look just by strolling down the street! As always, we love hearing your thoughts and seeing your makeup creations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so tag us using the hashtag #illamasqua! This Friday we’ll be out and about in Islington (home of Illamasqua HQ!) so be sure to say hi if you see me and for a chance to be featured on the post!



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Govinder Rayt

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