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Meet The Team: Illamasqua Selfridges Birmingham

We speak to the Illamasqua Selfridges Birmingham about their favourite products, looks and all things Illamasqua


(Christina – Follow Christina on instagram: @tina67p)

To begin can you tell us a little bit
about yourselves, what’s your fun fact?

ABI: I used to perform Burlesque all over the UK!
CHRISTINA: I’m a budding actress and love to perform.
EMILY: I talk in my sleep…
JARRAD: I’m originally Native American from
the Aniwoda clan of the Cherokee Tribe.
SALINA: I wear a full face of makeup to the gym
– yes I’m one of those girls 😉

 Illamasqua Selfridges Birmingham

(Emily – Follow Emily on instagram: @em_forletta)

What are your favourite Illamasqua products to use?

ABI: [mwi-product sku=”03132″ type=”add” ] for creating fresh dewy skin.
CHRISTINA: [mwi-product sku=”02280″ type=”add” ], it’s great under [mwi-product sku=”03174″ type=”add” ].
EMILY: [mwi-product sku=”03174″ type=”add” ] teamed with [mwi-product sku=”03070″ type=”add” ].
JARRAD: [mwi-product sku=”03132″ type=”add” ] – I love how it gives the skin radiance,
like a lit from within type of glow.
SALINA: Has to be the [mwi-product sku=”03032″ type=”add” ]!

What is your signature Illamasqua look?

Illamasqua Selfridges Birmingham

(Abi – Follow Abi on instagram: @makeupbydelite)

ABI: A blown out smokey eye with a big fluffy pair of lashes.
CHRISTINA: Sexy satin skin and a smokey eye.
EMILY: I love to add a pop of colour to my look whether it be on the
lips or eyes. [mwi-product sku=”03026″ type=”add” ]is perfect for this.
JARRAD: A smooth dewy complexion with structured brows and a hydrated lip.

Illamasqua Selfridges Birmingham

(Salina – Follow Salina on instagram: @salina_n_a)

SALINA:[mwi-product sku=”03117″ type=”add” ] for a full coverage and to create a fabulous contour I use the [mwi-product sku=”03497″ type=”add” ] and [mwi-product sku=”03127″ type=”add” ] to highlight. [mwi-product sku=”03418″ type=”add” ] and [mwi-product sku=”03210″ type=”add” ] used together create my full bold brows.
I use [mwi-product sku=”03227″ type=”add” ] to create my signature smokey eye and [mwi-product sku=”03128″ type=”add” ] for a bit of sparkle. On the lips I finish with [mwi-product sku=”03388″ type=”add” ], it’s the perfect nude. Not to forget my favourite [mwi-product sku=”03032″ type=”add” ] for that extra glam!

Illamasqua Selfridges Birmingham


Illamasqua Selfridges Birmingham

(Jarrad – Follow Jarrad on instagram: @jaydollmua)

Come down and meet the Illamasqua Selfridges
Birmingham team at one of our fantastic events
at Selfridges Birmingham, Bullring:

APRIL 2016: Spotlight Glam – Learn how to create stunning eye-work that will last the night. (date TBC)

APRIL 2016: Bollywood Glam – Explore how to create a bold, embellished Bollywood inspired look. (date TBC)

MAY 2016: Creatures of the Deep – Indulge your imaginative side and learn how to bring out your inner mermaid. (date TBC)

To find out more or to book an appointment please call: 0121 600 6818

Thank you Illamasqua Selfridges Birmingham for
sharing your favourite products and looks with us!




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