Second Evolution Pieces …

We are loving the bold, brash brightness of the new pieces from Human Fundamentalism: The Second Evolution.

How about the vivaciousness of our hot pink Eurydice, or the orange red of Liable Lipsticks?

Or maybe you want a wash of highly pigmented Powder Eye Shadows with Inception [rich violet], Hype [sunshine yellow], Vapour [tangerine] or the bright green Fledgling?

 We really want to see how you are using these products, so don’t forget to post images to our Facebook page! Or if you want inspiration, why not follow our Key Art team on Twitter who are always posting fab images from their travels – @illamasqualeena, @illamasquaross, @illamasquacharl – including this one below from @illamasquaLeena…





Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert