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Daniel visits the Illamasqua School of Make-Up

We spoke to Daniel Gallagher, a 26 year old Make-up Artist from Scotland, as he attended several courses at the Illamasqua School of Make-Up Art. Daniel was an inspiring and enthusiastic student with so much passion and determination. Find out more about his experience in our London school and find out how you might benefit from attending one of our many courses too.

Illamasqua School of Make-Up

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel Gallagher, I am 26 years young, I am an incomplete paraplegic, so yes that means I am in a wheelchair and I am a makeup artist! I live in a small village up in the North East of Scotland called Mintlaw. I am in the process of starting up my own business which is where your makeup dreams come true. I used to be a trainee Graphic Technician but after my accident I didn’t have the qualifications to continue to pursue that. I love playing sports including swimming, basketball and recently I started rowing. I also love everything about make up; body painting, accessories and brushes are starting to become my favourite thing about make up (at the minute I especially love Illamasqua’s Brushes) and drag make-up!

I came to the Illamasqua School of Make-Up Art because it was affordable and they offered the training I was looking for. Being disabled, they were accommodating and the person who kept me coming back for more was Tonee Roberio, he was my tutor and he is my drag mama to my drag persona Peggy Legg. He is also now a friend, Tonee makes your experience enjoyable, and leaves you craving to go back for more! The other trainer at the School is Helen Roche, what can I say about this gem of a lady, she is the eye liner queen she will get your eyeliner on fleek (she hates that word). She taught me a lot about brush techniques, different things she found that work for her in the industry and I have had the pleasure of doing her makeup for training. I like all the values Illamasqua are about, such as branching away from the same style of makeup, teaching drag and manga, alternative make-up uses e.g. you can use eye shadows as eyeliner etc. Of course they are a animal cruelty free company too which I support wholeheartedly. All of the staff at the attached Beak Street store are awesome, and are diverse as well which I think is important.

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“I have learned a whole spectrum of makeup – I’m in love with it and I love what I do! I have set up my own business which will be up and running soon”

School of Make-Up

I have learned a lot from my time at the Illamasqua School of Make-Up Art, not only about make-up in general but as myself as a person too. I had never picked up a make-up brush before October 2nd 2015 but I have now completed 13 of Illamasqua’s courses and I can’t wait for them to introduce more course so I can come back and learn more! Some of the courses I attended were the Bridal, Vintage glamour, Drag & Manga, Mastering colour, Perfecting Skin, Perfecting Eyes, Photographic detail, Global beauty and the five day professional make-up course. I have learned a whole spectrum of make-up and I’m in love with it and I love what I do! I have also now set up my own business which will be up and running soon (called Evolution Makeup). It will be all about enhancing what you have and who you are as opposed to being something that you are not.

Personally, I have had the best experience of my life training with Tonee and Helen at Illamasqua, and they are a real asset to the company. You would be lucky to meet them and share their makeup experiences with you. I will always stick to training with Illamasqua and I hope they will always accept me back with open arms. So my message to any aspiring Make-up Artist is not to choose the most expensive place to train, but select the one that will tap into your untold potential – I believe Illamasqua is that company for you.




Thank you Daniel, we cannot wait to see you again soon and we wish you the best of luck with your business too.

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